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Future is key for Tremon Smith | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Marvel or DC?
    TS: I'm not big on neither. But I'll have to go Marvel.
  2. DD: Do you have a favorite Marvel character?
    TS: No, I don't.
  3. DD: Which teammate is your best hype man?
    TS: Tavierre Thomas.
  4. DD: How come?
    TS: He just says stuff that he knows will get under my skin. I'll go play mad and just go make a play.
  5. DD: Was he in your ear before you popped the ball loose in last week's game?
    TS: He was just emphasizing that I needed to make a play. He was like, "Your mom's in the stands, go make a play." After the play, he said "Your mom need to come to every game. You always make a play with your mom here."
  6. DD: What's the best concert you've attended?
    TS: I went to the Drake and Future concert. It was in Dallas in 2016.
  7. DD: What's your favorite Tik Tok dance?
    TS: I don't even have Tik Tok on my phone.
  8. DD: What would your walk-up song be?
    TS: I'll go with Future's 'March Madness'.
  9. DD: Who is your celebrity look-alike?
    TS: Future. The dreds. We always wear hats all the time.
  10. DD: Who has the cleanest locker on the team?
    TS: Myself. I'm a neat freak. I hang up all my stuff, all the time. But behind me, Jonathan Owens tries to keep his nice. A for effort.
  11. DD: Were you a Disney or Nickelodeon kid growing up?
    TS: Nickelodeon. I liked 'SpongeBob SquarePants'.
  12. DD: What's on the perfect barbecue plate?
    TS: Baked beans and macaroni and cheese. I like sausage a lot, so I get the sausage links. You got to have a piece of bread.

Want more? Listen to Tremon and Drew's entire conversation below.

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