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Grinding and getting better | Vandermeer's View

On the air today I made a Junction Boys reference. But it was certainly not related to NFL camps in 2022.

Not that this is a piece of cake but it bears no resemblance to that 1954 Aggie Football summer that saw new coach Bear Bryant run dawn-to-dusk brutal practice days with little or no water.

Jack Pardee once said that the only relief was one cold water soaked towel for each the offense and defense that players would share. Yuck. John McClain told us on the air: "At least no one died."

You see what you're missing when you're not listening to Texans Radio every camp more from 8-10 AM on Sports Radio 610!

Okay, shameless plug – over.

I asked the crew if the Junction Boys is too dated of a reference. It shouldn't be, we all agreed. It's part of Texas football lore. As you don't question 2,000-year-old stories in church, you needn't question historic stories originating from a state where football is a second religion. This stuff is important!

Never mind the Junction Boys and their three-a-day practices. In the NFL, two-a-days are ancient history. I only got involved with the league 20 years ago and even though there were often two practices in one day, they were seldom super physical in the second session and they were often special teams sessions or walk-throughs.

The Texans have more equipment to monitor their players' health than most medical experts could dream of two decades ago. They all turn in their tracking gear upon returning to the building. The data gives the staff important info on how their bodies are responding to the work outs and the conditions.

Tuesday was a crisp practice that saw plenty of good catches. Several media types thought it was the best Davis Mills has looked yet. And as you pay a QB a compliment, it should go without saying that his receivers, offensive line, staff, the whole ensemble, did a good job.

My 16-year-old (who is my one-person market research focus group lives on social media and somehow gets good grades) loves the content on the Texans platforms. He's always asking me if Mills has thrown a pick yet.

I haven't seen one. The next comment and question is about the 'lack' of takeaways by the defense. Somehow I'm not concerned. I think when the lights go on, Lovie Smith's D will get the ball away from opponents at a highly pleasing rate. History has proven this to be true.

One more day in pads then a day off. Thursday, we'll have Nick Caserio in studio at 9 AM. Whoops, another shameless plug!

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