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How many nicknames does Jerry Hughes have? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Which teammate could play on the other side of the ball?
    JH: Oh, man, that's tough. We have a lot of athletes on defense. Des (DB Desmond King II) gets his hands on the ball. Sting (DB Derek Stingley Jr.), the same thing. I have to go with a wild card here just because I hear a lot about him playing it in high school back in the day: Rasheem Green. He tells me he has the speed. He said he blocked a punt in Seattle, and he hit 18 miles an hour. So if we have a defensive end moving that fast, that'd be a scary sight with the football.
  2. DD: What is your most-used emoji?
    JH: Two hands up. You can't go wrong with it. It means a lot of things. It could be double high-five or I'm just happy to be in the room.
  3. DD: What's your favorite nickname?
    JH: Ooh. There are a lot.
  4. DD: You have many?
    JH: I do. I have to keep it PG, just because my mom loves me. "J.R.", just because I'm a junior. My dad's family is big. "Little Guy", which didn't last too long because I kind of outgrew my dad by the sixth grade. "Binky".
  5. DD: Why "Binky"?
    JH: Because I sucked my thumb a little bit.
  6. DD: What would your superpower be?
    JH: This is the easiest question. I'm a big X-Man, Wolverine fan, so that regenerative power. Never aging. How could you not use that?
  7. DD: You're a father. Have you ever noticed that kids can be really sick at night, go to bed, get some Wolverine-type sleep, and they wake up healthy in the morning?
    JH: Yeah. Always bright and early, too.
  8. DD: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?
    JH: It'd probably be something I heard back in elementary school. I'm pretty sure one of my parents used to say "Make it a great day or not. The choice is yours." Something real simple, but it always hit home with me. Whenever you leave the house, it's always your choice.
  9. DD: You're a Sugar Land native. What was the elementary school you attended?
    JH: Mission Glen Elementary.
    DD: Shout out Michigan Glen.
    JH: Shout out to Mission Glen.
  10. DD: What's your favorite potato chip flavor?
    JH: Garden salsa. It's a new one. It's on a Sun chip. We eat super-healthy.
  11. DD: When did you start eating healthier?
    JH: When I got to the NFL. When we were in college, who doesn't make the late night runs to Taco Bell and Whataburger? I mean, you're not a Texan if you're not hitting Whataburger late at night. Let's be honest.
  12. So what was the late night run order?
    JH: I would go with a triple cheeseburger, chicken strips to start off with, a fry and a Powerade to wash it down. Taking me back to memory lane right there.

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