Justin Reid vs. Eric Reid: Sibling rivalry heats up 

Last week, J.J. Watt played against one of his two brothers for the first time in his nine-year NFL career. When the Texans played in Los Angeles in Week 3, Watt was on the field at the same time as his middle brother Derek Watt, a fullback for the Chargers.

This Sunday, Justin Reid will get the opportunity to play his older brother, Eric Reid, when the Texans host the Carolina Panthers.

"(Justin and I) have been talking about this for a while now," Eric said via the Carolina Panthers team website. "I've never played with him or against him at any level. Pretty cool."

The two brothers, now both NFL safeties, have always been close. Justin even chose to attend Stanford because Eric was playing for the San Francisco 49ers at the time.

"I would go to his house and I would watch his games if we both had a home game, we'd watch each other's games," Justin said. "He would actually show me their tape of the week before and break down what they did schematically, what their keys were, what the differences were between an NFL offense and a college offense were."

On Sunday, about 40 members of the Reid family will be at NRG Stadium cheering as each brother looks to get a win against the other.

"Everyone is really excited," Justin said. "My parents already have the split jerseys done. Shoot, I'm trying to recruit as many tickets in the locker room."

With the Texans being the home team, Justin is confident he will have the bigger cheering section.

Eric disagrees.

"It doesn't matter what they wear because I know who's going to win," Eric said. "He's never beaten me at anything so he isn't starting now. Oh I guess he's faster than me so there's that."

Justin seems to be up for the challenge.

"We are both very competitive," Justin said on Texans Radio. "We have already started our competitive streak. We track how many tackles and how many interceptions we have for the whole year and we'll talk mess with each other the whole time but it's all goodhearted. I don't think there's any more pressure on him to go and perform than there is on me to go and perform because I feel it's a standard that we both hold ourselves to and to go out and always put our best on the field every time we step out."

Through three games, Justin has 17 tackles while Eric has 12 tackles and 1.0 sack.

The Texans will host the Panthers on Sunday. Kickoff is set for 12 noon CT on FOX-26 and SportsRadio 610.