Let the Good Times Roll | Vandermeer's View

Enjoy these times. Stop and smell the roses. You have a franchise quarterback, one of the very best in the game. And he's going to be here for a long time. I needn't remind you it hasn't always been this way.

It should never be taken for granted that there's a QB here that's capable of winning a championship and provides a never-out-of-a-game factor every weekend.

Ever since Deshaun Watson arrived at NRG Park he's been winning games with dazzling plays, inspiring his teammates and energizing fans.

His pre-draft visit in 2017 is now legendary. He held court while player after player came up to meet him. At the time it seemed like a pipe dream Watson would be in Houston. But a surprise draft night deal gave the Texans the number 12 pick and their franchise quarterback.

I remember walking out to OTAs and seeing Watson running with the 'threes' (it's true, look it up). After a couple of weeks, I thought 'that third team offense is playing with some swag. They're making plays, big ones.'

He moved up quickly at training camp, at the Greenbrier. I'll never forget the day when Bill O'Brien had the number three offense face the number one defense. Watson performed well. There was something special brewing.

From the time he got into the line-up he's been delivering one jaw-dropping play after another. It quickly became apparent that not only was DW4 talented, he was a transcendent player.

There's a different feeling going into a game with Watson at the helm. Sure the Texans won four AFC South titles in six years prior to Watson's arrival. But never was there the feeling you get when Watson is under center. There's an impression that anything is possible and you're likely to see something sensational at any given moment.

His first two full seasons have yielded division titles and a magical playoff victory. More healthy seasons will equal more post season experiences, providing multiple shots at a title.

Having a great quarterback is crucial in getting those opportunities. The first decade of the Texans was frustrating, seeing the Colts own the division, constantly getting into the post season largely because they had the best quarterback.

Now it's the Texans with the top gun. And now that his deal is extended, it's time to enjoy more of this golden era of opportunity. An era the Texans are working to fill with many chances to go the distance.

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