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One Week In | Vandermeer's View

Nothing like pads popping and some two-minute work to get the blood flowing. Oh, and much cooler temperatures thanks to an overcast sky. It felt like the Greenbrier for a few moments on Tuesday (OK, it didn't but it was still pretty nice).

We're a week into Texans Training Camp presented by Xfinity and I'm getting asked a ton about how this team looks. The thing about this time of year is you only have yourself to go against so it can be hard to tell.

After a while, the players start to know each other's moves and it makes things even more challenging, like Vernon Hargreaves III told me on Texans Radio. "You know who you're going against. You know what type of routes they run, you know how fast they are."

That makes it extra special to make plays in practice on either side of the ball. And as Coach David Culley told the crowd attending practice Monday "Remember, every good play that happens out here whether it's a touchdown or an interception, it's always the Texans."

I like watching the defense operate because of all the new faces- well, numbers, really. I need to call a game in less than two weeks and keep quizzing myself on the sideline. The staff sees me muttering to myself and I'm afraid they're going to make me seek medical attention.

The depth chart is still a bit of a mystery because there are so many veterans who have made plays in this league. It's safe to say there are a lot of options and some difficult decisions ahead on cut-down day that might turn out to be luxury problems.

On offense, after the running game challenges of 2020, everything looks different with the new veteran backs added to the mix and a refreshed David Johnson. And even with two key players on PUP on the O-Line, the coaches have some depth to work with. It's easy to say the Texans should be better on the ground but they're looking for a big leap and appear to have the weapons to get that done.

Tyrod Taylor is fun to watch. He celebrated his 32nd birthday today. On my 32nd birthday (Editor's note: Vandermeer, no one wants to hear what you did or what pop culture reference you were about to bring up or anything else but you continuing with your Tyrod Taylor thought.)

Ok, then - He's in command, can scramble and based on his decade of playing history, stays as mistake-free as possible. Rookie Davis Mills is looking to improve every day. It's a process and every rep is a learning experience. There are enough moments that show he's moving in the right direction.

Special teams practice for me is often like watching an event planner set up a banquet – I'd rather just attend the dinner. But there are so many accomplished special teamers on this roster that it's hard to imagine the crew not being able to execute more often than not.

We're only a week in and things are progressing. Eight more practice days until the team takes the trek to Lambeau Field for the preseason opener. There's a lot of work to do and plenty of time to get it done.

Check out photos from the sixth day of Texans Training Camp presented by Xfinity.

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