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Preseason Plan | Vandermeer's View

This is the most compelling preseason for the Texans since year one and it starts Saturday night in Green Bay. With all the new players, there are so many possibilities for starting assignments and regular contributors that all four quarters in all three games will impact important decisions prior to arriving at the 53-man roster.

Nick Caserio made a $100 offer to a lucky Sports Radio 610 listener who could guess the amount of roster moves this preseason. You could offer $100,000. to anyone who could predict the final 53 heading into opening day and have an excellent chance of keeping your money.

The drama begins at Lambeau Field and every layer of the depth chart, every position group is on high alert to perform. I'd say the pressure is on but so many of these players are just looking forward to a chance to play. As Terrence Brooks told me how he's handling it "Have fun! This is my eighth year so each game I get, I cherish every one."

Playing time for starters in preseason games has changed over the years. When the Texans began in 2002 it was pretty standard league-wide that starters would play about one quarter in the first game, two in the second, almost three in the third and sit out the fourth one.

There were exceptions. Some Texans diehards might remember David Carr getting injured in the second quarter of the final preseason game in '02. He was back for opening night, of course.

Over the years, playing time has evolved as more teams have gone to joint practices and rested their starters more often when the games arrive. The practices are controlled. Players aren't tackled to the ground and QBs can't get hit.

The Texans elected not to go with joint practices this year as they are breaking in over 50 new players. Every practice is an exercise of getting more familiar with each other and the system. They've made good use of the time. As the announcer I can tell you that I've needed just about every practice to really feel like I know the team cold.

David Culley told the media Thursday morning that playing time had yet to be decided. And as to whether Tyrod Taylor would play in all three preseason games the Texans would take it "one week at a time."

Viewers and listeners should stay glued throughout as Davis Mills and Jeff Driskel will be working with plenty of players who will have a big say in how the opening day roster shapes up.

The Texans have a saying within their walls – "It all matters." Well, Saturday certainly is another big step in getting this squad ready for the regular season launch.

All preseason games are live on ABC 13 and on radio on Sports Radio 610 and The Bull, 100.3 FM.

The Houston Texans are on their way to Green Bay to take on the Packers in Week 1 of the Preseason.

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