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Ranking the Neville's with LB Neville Hewitt | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Rank the Nevilles: You, the Neville Brothers, soccer star Gary Neville, former British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Neville Longbottom from "Harry Potter".
NH: You should always rank yourself number one. Everybody loves "Harry Potter", so Neville Longbottom's two. The the Neville Brothers. Great group. The soccer player is four, and then the Prime Minister.

2) DD: Speaking of the Neville Brothers, you sing any Neville Brothers songs?
NH: No, I don't. I'm gonna check him out. They always say Aaron Neville every time they say my name.

3) DD: When you have friends or family coming in from out of town to visit you in H-Town, what are some things you do with them?
NH: They come to the game and then we probably go get some food somewhere.

4) DD: What's the best position group to eat with?
NC: Linebackers, for sure.

5) DD: Better than the offensive linemen?
NH: I haven't gone out to eat with the offensive linemen, but Christian Kirksey does a good job getting the guys (linebackers) together to go and get some food.

6) DD: What sort of food do you all eat?
NH: A good mix of chicken, fish, steak. It's a good mix. It always something good.

7) DD: How do you cook your steaks?
NH: Medium, medium rare.

8) DD: Do you believe in ghosts?
NH: No.

9) DD: Do you know anybody that believes in ghosts?
NH: Not that I know of.

10) DD: How about aliens?
NH: They probably do exist. I haven't seen any, though.

11) DD Which teammate amps you up the most?
NH: Garrett Warllow gives me some good juice. Blake Cashman's been balling lately. He's spreading some juice around here as well. And Number Five. You can't miss Jalen Pitre. He's always bringing it.

12) DD: On the other end, who calms you down?
NH: Kirksey. He's going to keep everybody level-headed.

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