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Ranking the Shaqs, supernatural thoughts with Shaquill Griffin | Drew's Dozen


1) DD: Rank these Shaqs/Shacks: You, your twin brother Shaquem, Shaquille O'Neal, offensive lineman Shaq Mason, and the song "Love Shack" by The B-52's.
SG: All-time great, I gotta give it to Shaquille O'Neal. Then you got to give it to the Griffin Twins. We're tied for number two. Then we've got to get the Shaq on our team. Then the song.

2) DD: How often do you talk with your brother?
SG: Every single day.

3) DD: How many times per day?
SG: Maybe five, six times a day.

4) DD: How much time does that consume?
SG: About five hours out of a day.

5) DD: When's the next time you're going to talk to him?
SG: Right after I leave this interview.

6) DD: What are your thoughts on ghosts and the supernatural?
SG: I believe in the supernatural. I don't know if there are actually ghosts, but I believe people can be possessed.

7) DD: You have never seen a ghost?
SG: I've never seen a ghost.

8) DD: Do aliens exist?
SG: I think it's something that we don't understand yet. But I think something's out there for sure.

9) DD: When you're at home flipping through the streaming services or maybe you're watching old school cable, what will suck you in and keep you watching it no matter what?
SG: 'Family Guy'.

10) DD: What Texans teammate gets you pumped up the most?
SG: M.J. Stewart, a long-time friend. Also Jacob Martin, a guy who I played with in Seattle. He always bring the juice. He's a guy with a crazy motor, someone who I can lean on.

11) DD: Complete this sentence: The thing I love the most about H-Town is _.
SG: Barbecue.

12) DD: What's on the perfect barbecue plate?
SG: You got to have pork ends. You got to have beef ribs. You got to have brisket. Macaroni and cheese. Cornbread. Candied yams. White rice or brown rice.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What dessert?
SG: Banana pudding.

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