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Texans select Alabama LB Will Anderson with the #3 pick of the 2023 NFL Draft

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The Best. Numero Uno. Top of the Heap. Who's THE MAN? It's the question everyone wants to know on a number of different topics. In the Harris 100 v 1.0 (and v 2.0 and v 3.0 and all future Harris 100 iterations) number one overall is Alabama OLB Will Anderson Jr.

The proof is right there on film, but what sold me was listening to Alabama players, coaches and fans alike describe Anderson Jr.:

"He's THE alpha."

"He's a great competitor in every situation that he's in."

"He sets the example of how things will be done."

That exact thing has all been said, alluded to or mentioned over the past three years as it refers to Anderson Jr. From the day that he set foot on the Alabama campus, he's been the most dominant player on the field, with the intensity to match.

That certainly translates to the next level. So will his get off, his football violence, his football IQ, his knack for clutch plays, his playmaking skills and his pass coverage.

He's football scary and you better hope he ends up on your team. Heading into the 2022 Draft season, I flipped back and forth between a few prospects at number one before settling on safety Kyle Hamilton. I loved him as a prospect even though he lacked the speed teams truly covet in a safety. I say all that to say that there hasn't been one second of waffling for TWO YEARS who was going to be #1 overall in my Harris 100.

Anderson Jr. burst on the scene as a true freshman in the weirdest season of college football imaginable then returned in 2021 taking his game to greater heights. I've said multiple times since 2020 that he'd be number one in this draft class, if he declares for the Draft, obviously. His twitch and hands are top notch. His explosiveness to, and through, run blockers is extraordinary. He's violent in all the best ways on the field. He has a knack for playing his best in big games. He can control blockers with his strength and power. He has burst off the edge for days. His first step is blazing fast off the snap. Bend. Power. Hands. I mean, c'mon now. He beats guards with power. He beats light, quick tackles with speed. He is THE ALPHA in a program with dozens of them.

Simply put, he's HIM.

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