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Houston Texans

The Browns are talking about the Texans | Enemy Intel

Browns Head Coach Kevin Stefanski on Texans Head Coach David Culley: "He's done an outstanding job with them. You can really see his influence on their offense, I think in their team as a whole."

Stefanski on Texans QB Tyrod Taylor: "I think Tyrod Taylor is outstanding. He's led a team to the playoffs before. I think he processes really quickly. He can scramble and hurt you with his legs. He can scramble to throw. He's accurate."

Browns Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods on Taylor: "He's been doing it for a long time. He probably doesn't get enough credit. He's a very good quarterback. I think he creates a lot of problems because of his mobility. He's not as tall as Mahomes, but he's still mobile in the pocket. You definitely have to have a good rush plan to keep him in the pocket and not letting him extend plays."

Browns DB John Johnson on Taylor: "If he doesn't like what he sees, he'll pull it down and run. He's not really a designed run type of quarterback, but he's definitely capable of getting those hidden yards on those busted plays. He's a good quarterback. He's smart. He's been in the league for a long time."

Browns DL Malik Jackson on Taylor: "Very capable quarterback. Can run the ball but has that arm. Watching him in that first game of the season against the Jaguars, he really wants to show he can throw that ball and be a pocket passer, just escape the pocket and create more time. I think he's a very good quarterback, and we have to make sure we treat him like a Peyton Manning or a Pat Mahomes."

Browns QB Baker Mayfield on Taylor: "I think people took Tyrod for granted. He's an extremely good leader. His work ethic, his routine, being the same guy every single day for every single person in the building. Obviously a great athlete. He's a great quarterback."

Browns LB Anthony Walker, Jr. on Taylor: "I think he's very underrated in this league. He's a guy who's consistently put his team in position to win. Takes care of the football. We have our hands full again this week."

Stefanski on the Texans offense: "They play a physical brand of offense. They can run the ball downhill. They can take shots. They have speed on the outside."

Woods on the Texans offense: "They're a very physical team. They want to run the ball, establish the run. Really win the time of possession. Schematically when you look at them, it's not as complex in terms of the number of plays and the different type of plays as KC (Kansas City), but they do a really good job of packaging their run game and their pass game together and making it all work."

Walker on the Texans' run game: "They've got four backs that can run every type of run play in the playbook. We're definitely going to have our hands full with that. We've got to have all 11 hats to the ball and take away the run."

Mayfield on the Texans defense: "A Lovie Smith defense, they're going to be fundamentally sound. They're going to get lined up. They're going to play hard. They're going to be about the ball, trying to get takeaways."

Browns RB Nick Chubb on the Texans defense: "I see a lot of guys who played here. I see a group of guys who want to win, who play hard, who play together and fight things that have been said about them. They're ignoring the noise, and they're playing their butts off. They're very good upfront. They do a lot of things. A lot of moving. They're fast, athletic and physical."

Browns OL Joel Bitonio on the Texans defense: "They just play really hard. Those guys are really active. They had a lot of pass rushes, a lot of games up front, and they move quite a bit. They change gaps on you. It's a tough challenge for sure."

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