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Three seconds and a first | Vandermeer's View

As the Texans began their search for a new coach, Nick Caserio didn't give a timetable on when he'd make his decision. After all, there were many people to talk to, a lot of research to do and the sports media needs material!

Here we are in Week 3, and the Texans have added to their list of interviews, talking with Rams Offensive Coordinator Kevin O'Connell and announcing second in-person discussions with Brian Flores, Josh McCown and Jonathan Gannon.

O'Connell is busy helping the Rams get ready for the Super Bowl. His experience as a player and coach in some different systems is intriguing. He's from the Sean McVay tree, which has some mighty branches right now.

Plus, and this is big for me, he was a sideline reporter for the San Diego State Aztecs Radio Network in-between his playing and coaching career (if John Harris doesn't message me within five minutes of reading this, I'm assuming he's incapacitated).

Editors note: Vandermeer, it's not about you and who you think might create good radio content!

Oh yeah! Try telling that to the thousands of people who listen to the coach's show every Monday during the season from 5 - 6 pm on Sports Radio 610. It's the number one show in its slot. The fans like winning AND a good listen.

We've talked about the group that got the second interviews previously. McCown's presence on the list has gotten more air time than vaccine mandate debates.

I find it notable how so many football people who have been around him in-person totally get this and can see it working. The detractors tend to be evaluating from afar. Interestingly enough, and this is neither here nor there, he's the oldest of the group, at 42.

Flores has experience and that second-chance thing going for him. The list of coaches who have won Super Bowls in their second head coaching opportunity should be read by James Earl Jones from a stone tablet in Canton - Bill Belichick, Don Shula, Dick Vermeil, Mike Shanahan, Tony Dungy, Jon Gruden, Tom Coughlin, Gary Kubiak, Andy Reid and Pete Carroll, who did it in his third head-coaching opportunity.

Jonathan Gannon went to the Eagles from the Colts and will forever be part of an interesting AFC South story - Indy shipped a first-round pick to the Eagles for Carson Wentz (provided he played a lot, which he did) while Philly went to the playoffs with former Colts OC Nick Sirianni and Gannon. Like Flores, Gannon worked in scouting a bit, in addition to his coaching experience.

We're not there yet but it feels like getting closer to the finish line. And we'll be here to break it all down every step of the way.

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