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Training Camp Diaries Week 1: Whitney Mercilus

Day 1:

It's been over 24 hours since the team arrived at The Greenbrier. Whitney Mercilus describes his hotel room where he'll be living for the next two weeks.

"Floral wallpaper: it's like pinkish, green yellow. It's a lot of colors going on. And green flooring too, green carpeting. It's just wonderful and then kind of like an old school toilet. I think there's a bidet in there."

Whitney doesn't think he'll use the bidet.

"Oh also I have a couch," he adds. "It's kind of like a little suite. It's all floral."

8:00 p.m.

"I went to the training room, got a couple dry-needle sessions like acupuncture. Then after that, got a little massage."

Later that night…

"Rolled back to the crib – the hotel room – just laid down, you know, read my Bible, caught up on some emails and just relaxed. I didn't even listen to any music, I don't do any of that. Just whisked my way onto sleep."

Too tired to even look at his playbook, Whitney fell asleep around 11 p.m.

Day 2

5:30 a.m. Time to wake up!

Whitney heads to the training room to stretch and get some extra rehab in before the day gets started.

A little while later…

Breakfast: Green shake and some beef jerky

Whitney works out with teammates under the supervision of Luke Richesson, the Texans senior director of sports performance.

8-10:20 a.m. Meetings, meetings

10:30 ish Activation

"Activation with Luke to get our heart rates up and the blood flow running and just go. Activation is just starting to get our heart rate up, start moving, get the blood flow running essentially. Just make sure you're moving good, like your core is activated, glutes are activated, everything is running in unison. That's about it."

10:40-12:30 Practice

After practice, Whitney joins linebackers on the field for extra drills.

Then, heads over to the media tent for interviews (like this one!) after practice.

Check out the best photos of Day 2 at Texans Camp in White Sulpher Springs, West Virginia.

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