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Vandermeer's View: Pondering the preseason

Every year when the preseason slate comes out, the broadcast-digital media staff gives me a collective eye roll because they know I'm about to write some sort of 'best moments in Texans preseason history' column.

Well, it's NOT going to happen this year.

I will not recall Case Keenum's start at Dallas in Week 4 of 2013. I won't relive the game-winning drive by Tom Savage at Denver, capping a week's worth of practices. There will be no reminiscing about the semi-electrifying debut of Deshaun Watson against many Clemson jersey-wearing fans at Carolina in '17. And I will certainly not wax nostalgic about Houston's 13-10 victory at New Orleans in 2002 in the first Texans win of any kind.

Preseason is a funny thing. I wholeheartedly admit that I love it. Look, of course I'd much rather be in the regular season. But in August, we finally get some football to watch after slogging through six months of the offseason. I catch some CFL in July. But that's like munching from the veggie tray when I'm waiting on a steak dinner.

For all the criticism preseason football gets, people still watch it more than anything except… regular season football. In 2017, the Texans preseason games got better ratings than the Astros in the ALCS. That's saying something.

This year, Houston travels to Lambeau Field for only the third time in franchise history. Sure, it doesn't count. But it's Green Bay in August and it will be fun. You can bet you'll see plenty of Battle Red in the stands as the Traveling Texans will want to take advantage of a trip that drops the temperature 20 degrees and takes them to a hotbed of NFL history at the threshold of the league's 100th season.

The second tilt has the Lions invading NRG Stadium. While the third puts Houston at Dallas. 'Jerry World' might not be Lambeau, but it's a fun place to watch a game on a giant television and occasionally on the field. Plus, it's a short drive up 45 to see what should be the most starter-filled preseason affair.

The fourth game features the NFC champion Rams. But we all know the fourth game is filled with prospects fighting for employment (see above on Keenum). I really enjoy that one because of all the great stories of men battling to make their dreams come true.

The most notable thing about this season is that the Texans are back to holding the majority of their training camp in Houston. Is it August yet?

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