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What snack does Kamu Grugier-Hill bring on a road trip? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: What's the last thing you remember digging?
    KGH: Probably back home in Hawaii. Whenever we go to the beach, it's fun to dig holes in the sand.
  2. DD: What's a typical day at the beach like for you?
    KGH: We got all my friends. My whole family comes out. We're grilling, we're playing spike ball, we're surfing, snorkeling. My family is there from sunrise to sunset.
  3. DD: What's the last movie you've seen?
    KGH: 'Elvis'.
  4. DD: Are you not amazed that he is/was not a bigger deal than he already is, because they didn't let him travel internationally?
    KGH: I went into it with a horrible attitude and my girlfriend wanted to watch it for weeks. I was like, "I don't care that much about Elvis." But halfway through, I thought "This movie is amazing."
  5. DD: When you go on a road trip, what are the beverages and the snacks you must have?
    KGH: Chex Mix for sure. Bananas. Body Armor and water. I haven't drunk a soda in about 10 years.
  6. DD: You don't need caffeine?
    KGH: You know what? I ventured a little more into some coffee this year. I'm not a big coffee guy usually. But this year, I've slowly started to get into the coffee game.
  7. DD: After a road game, what happens on the perfect flight home?
    KGH: Obviously, it's after dominating win. We're watching some of the film. We're joking a little bit. Some of us are playing cards, food's going around. And it's a short flight.
  8. DD: If you had to form a late 1990's-era boy band like N'Sync or The Backstreet Boys, only with Texans' teammates, who else is in the boy band with you?
    KGH: The LB's (linebackers) for sure. We're pretty tight. So it's me, Kirko (Christian Kirksey), Nev (Nevill Hewitt), and Jalen (Reeves-Maybin). We have KP (Kevin Pierre-Louis) in there. He's doing his creativeness with lights. And the rookies are the roadies.
  9. DD: Have you started planning your Halloween costume yet?
    KGH: I have not. My girlfriend is huge on this. She started planning this last year. She wants me to be Elvis and she'll be Priscilla. But I don't think I can be Elvis.
  10. DD: What's the most uniquely Hawaiian thing you've done lately?
    KGH: Surfing.
  11. DD: What's the favorite dish your mother cooks?
    KGH: My mom is an amazing cook. I feel bad for my girlfriend because my mom is just such a good cook. My favorite is Korean barbecue chicken, kimchi, all that kind of stuff. She kills it with that. She actually has been here this last week and she's been cooking up a storm. So it's been great.
  12. DD: Is her home cooking the reason you had 18 tackles last Sunday?
    KGH: Yeah!

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