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Why does Davis Mills love the 'thumbs up'? | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: What's the last thing you remember digging?
    DM: Maybe last time I went down to Galveston. It was the first time and only time I've been down there. The house we rented had some shovels in the garage, and I was messing around on the beach, trying to not be bored. I was just playing around in the sand.
  2. DD: What else is going on during a day at the beach for you?
    DM: Not too much. Try to bring some snacks down there. I get hungry pretty fast. Try to get a little bit of a tan. We just got a puppy this offseason, too. So I had a dog to chase around and make sure he doesn't run off.
  3. DD: What type of dog is it?
    DM: Goldendoodle.
  4. DD: What's the name?
    DM: Rufus.
  5. DD: How did you come up with that?
    DM: My favorite music group is Rufus du Soul, and my first dog ever was named Ruckus. Anyone you tell that name to, they'd always confuse it with Rufus. So I thought it was a pretty cool ode to the old.
  6. DD: What's the craziest thing Rufus does right now?
    DM: He's in his puppy phase right now, so he's just biting everything.
  7. DD: Do you ever get lost driving?
    DM: No.
  8. DD: You give the 'thumbs up' all the time in photographs. When did that start for you?
    DM: I don't know. I've never been a big on-camera person. So that's just something simple to kind of show the camera that you care and you want them to know that you know that they matter. But it's also something to kind of get by. Don't ask me too many questions as I walk by.
  9. DD: What's the oldest piece of clothing that you own or wear?
    DM: Probably an old hoodie back from high school. I grew out of all my clothes from high school.
  10. DD: How much did you grow from high school to college?
    DM: I think my senior year of high school, I was probably 6-3, 205. Then I got to Stanford and got up to 225 pretty early on my freshman year. So a lot of those larges and XL's had to move into 2XL's.
  11. DD: What's the last gift you gave someone?
    DM: For my girlfriend and her birthday in June, I got her a bag and flowers.
  12. DD: What time do you go to sleep the night before a game?
    DM: 10:00.

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