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WR Chris Moore would teleport for Skyline Chili | Drew's Dozen

  1. DD: Who is your all-time favorite NFL player?
    CM: Growing up for me, that was Larry Fitzgerald. Because of the way he caught the ball, everything. I always liked watching him play. Prolific. I think he only has like one or two drops in his entire career.
  2. DD: Who has the cleanest locker on the team?
    CM: My locker is pretty clean, but I wouldn't say it's the cleanest. Rex Burkhead is a good one because he's got that personality where he's very regimented. It's probably between him and Jeff Driskel.
  3. DD: Which teammate has the most inaccurate Madden rating?
    CM: Me. They had my speed at like, an 88 or 89. Man, I can't be that slow. That's terrible. Myles Garrett is faster than me on there. There's no way. I know he's fast, but come on, man.
  4. DD: You ran a track growing up, right?
    CM: Yes. I was the anchor for the 4X100, I did the jumping events, the hurdles. 
  5. DD: Which teammate could play on the other side of the ball?
    CM: I think Desmond King, II could. He's got very good field awareness. That's why he's so good at punt returner. I think he could play a little slot receiver.
  6. DD: What is your first memory as a kid?
    CM: It had to be when I was playing in a flag football league in Orlando. I had a quarterback who was a little older and he had a real strong arm. One time he threw the ball to me and it knocked me out.
  7. DD: What would your superpower be?
    CM: To teleport. Just be anywhere.
  8. DD: Where would you teleport to right now if you didn't have a game to play?
    CM: Cincinnati, to get some skyline chili.
  9. DD: Who is your celebrity lookalike?
    CM: I don't think I have one.
  10. DD: Marvel or DC
    CM: I really don't watch those movies. But I will say probably go with Marvel because I like Spiderman. 
  11. DD: Were you a Disney or Nickelodeon kid?
    CM: I was outside most the time, but between the two, I definitely watched Nickelodeon more.
  12. DD: Who has the best hair on the team?
    CM: Roy Lopez, for sure. It's longer. It's flowing. Has a little shine to it, so I'd give it to Roy.

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