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1-on-1 w/WR & returner DeAndre Carter | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How was it today getting out there, being in pads, being with your teammates?
Carter: It feels great to be back out there with the guys working to achieve our ultimate goal, and it's fun being back in the building with this energy right now.

2) DD: What is different about you this year as opposed to last?
Carter: This time of year, just more experience and my body feels better. You know, we didn't have the OTA's. But just the experience that you gain from the whole season.

3) DD: In the past at wide receiver here in Houston, there have been fast guys and there have been skilled guys, but there's never been this combo of skill and speed. What's your take on it being in in the middle of it all?
Carter: It's a beautiful thing to see. We got guys out there that can fly. Will (Fuller), Brandin (Cooks), guys are taking the top off like that. Kenny (Stills), and you got Randall (Cobb), me, Keke (Coutee), that work the intermediate routes. I think it's going to be real fun for our offense to move guys around and spread the ball around it. You throw David (Johnson), and Duke (Johnson) there in the backfield, it's going to be tough to stop us.

4) DD: How did you spend the bulk of your offseason? Where were you and what did you do?
Carter: I was out in Southern California, in L.A.. I got a gym in my garage in the house, tried to stay in it as much as I can. Workout and watch TV, read a couple books. Just try to keep my mind sharp, trying not to go crazy being in the house all the time, but just worked out the most part.

5) DD: Did you have the home gym already set up before this all started?
Carter: No, no. When it all happened, I had to make sure I had some way to work out. I set it all up in the garage, so it worked out for me.

6) DD: Tracy Smith is the new special teams coordinator. No stranger to you. You've been around him the last two years. What's that transition been like going for Brad Seely to Tracy Smith?
Carter: It's been seamless. Tracy was here under Coach Seely the last couple years like you said. They have a lot of similar outlooks on special teams, same similar scheme. It's been great. I worked really close with Tracy the last couple of years. He was back there with me working on returns and stuff. It's been seamless, I'm excited with how things worked out for us.

7) DD: He's a smart guy, obviously, but he's sneaky funny, isn't he?
Carter: In the meeting room he's always going to have a couple of jokes, he's probably one of the funniest coaches on the staff, if not the funniest.

8) DD: What TV show or shows did you binge during the pandemic?
Carter: I binged 'The Chi'. It's a little show on Showtime. I watch a show called 'Little Fires Everywhere' on Hulu. I didn't really binge it, it was like ten episodes. That was pretty good. I actually re-watched 'Game of Thrones'. That's really all I was on for the most part.

9) DD: If you had to quarantine with one teammate, who would it be?
Carter: I'm going to go with Jordan Thomas. He's a funny guy. I feel like we would always have a good time. There wouldn't be a dull moment with that kid.

10) DD: Which celebrity would you want to quarantine with?
Carter: I'm going to go with P. Diddy or Jay Z. You know, to make some connections, networking, that type of thing for life after football.

11) DD: Now, there's a lot of your teammates that have dabbled in music. They've done some recording. They play an instrument. Have you got any musical talents?
Carter: Nah, I played the drums when I was like ten. Church choir and stuff like that. But I mean, the drums were the only thing I ever really played.

12) DD: What's the last thing you cooked and when was it?
Carter: I made a salmon and scallop salad last night. So, it had like salmon, scallops, strawberries, blueberries, walnuts in there, spinach with a little raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

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