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Houston Texans

12 Questions with DL Shaq Lawson | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You're new to Houston. What's your favorite thing about the city?
Lawson: I'm enjoying the best food I've ever been around. It's great to be around here.

2) DD: You got a favorite spot?
Lawson: I don't really got a spot. Everywhere you go, you cannot go wrong. If you want to go barbecue, or Mexican food, it's just great everywhere.

3) DD: Football-wise, what's better about you now maybe versus this time last year?
Lawson: I'm back in a comfortable defense. I'm doing something I love: the 4-3. This time last year I was playing outside linebacker and trying to figure things out.

4) DD: What's defensive coordinator Lovie Smith like as a coach?
Lawson: He's a great coach. He's an old school guy. Go to work and go about your business.

5) DD: Let's rank the Shaqs. Shaq Lawson. Shaquille O'Neal, Shaq Mason, Shaquille Barett and Love Shack, the song by the B-52's. Where do they rank?
Lawson: Out of all the Shaqs, I might be the funniest one.

6) DD: That's saying something. Shaquille O'Neal is hilarious.
Lawson: Yeah, I would challenge him.

7) DD: Are you a joketeller? Or are you just a naturally funny guy?
Lawson. It happens naturally. If I see someone, I might say you look like somebody else. Like one of our trainers looks like Juntao from 'Rush Hour'.

8) DD: 'Rush Hour'. I haven't thought about 'Rush Hour' in forever. How great is Chris Tucker?
Lawson: He's one of the best in the business and one of the best to ever do it. You can watch all his old movies and still get a laugh.

9) DD: Like 'Friday'.
Lawson: 'Next Friday'. 'Friday after Next'. All the Rush Hours. 'Money Talk'. It just goes on and on with him.

10) DD: So what teammate makes you laugh?
Lawson : Our whole d-line is funny.

11) DD: Brandon Dunn strikes me as somebody who's pretty funny, right?
Lawson: Yeah. B-Dunny might be the funniest on the line besides me. Yeah, I'd say B-Dunn.

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