12 Questions with DB Desmond King | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What do you do in your free time?
King: Video games.

2) DD: Which ones?
King: 'Call of Duty: War Zone'. That's what I like. Over and over, man. I know all the ins and outs to it. Some people say I'm a hacker, but I think I'm just too good.

3) DD: Can anybody compete with you on the team?
King: Probably so. I'm pretty sure we got some guys here that play. I haven't found any yet, but I'm pretty sure.

4) DD: What have you liked the most about this defense through two weeks or so of camp?
King: The way the defense is coming together. It's a brand new team, a new coordinator, new defense. We've got new players on the defensive side and it's coming together. Everybody is meshing together and putting what they know all in one basket so we can all learn the same thing. I feel like we're we're getting that team camaraderie right now and it's helping us out right now on defense.

5) DD: It seems like you're around the ball every time I turn my head...
King: Got to, man. That's the thing about our defense. It's putting us in a position to be around the ball. That's how we're going to get our opportunity to take the ball away from the offense, to get our offense some good field position.

6) DD: Heading into your fifth NFL season, do you feel the game slowing down for you?
King: Absolutely. You understand it more and more each year. I feel like it's slowing down a little more. A brand new team, brand new scheme, brand new defense. I just keep working my craft and it's going to get better.

7) DD: What's your mindset have to be when you return punts?
King: Being a playmaker, having that heart and that confidence. Just have the confidence to know that you're going to make a play when you get the ball. So that's that's how I take it.

8) DD: How much does that translate to what you do as a corner?
King: Same way. As a defensive back, you got to have confidence. Each and every down you've got to come in and approach to play the same way you approached it the play before. You've got to have that demeanor about yourself, that swagger and that confidence to go out there and just do what you do best.

9) DD: You grew up in Detroit, played college ball in Iowa, played in the NFL with the Chargers and Titans. Now you're in Houston. It's hot but you seem fresh as lettuce. It doesn't look like it bothers you at all.
King: Oh, yeah, it did for a little bit. OTAs was rough for me, but I'm getting used to it. It's heat, and you know it's going to be there. We're gonna have to play in some places hotter than this. I might as well get used to it now.

10) DD: What's the most underrated part of Houston?
King: I'd say the food. There are some really good food choices here. It's crazy. I never even thought of that.

11) DD: Any favorites?
King: I actually just came across a place this weekend. It's called Torchy's. It was really good.

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