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12 Questions with OL Justin Britt | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's worse? No sunglasses on a sunny day or no rain gear on a rainy day?
Britt: I would say no sunglasses. The rain will come and go. You're going to get wet. Embrace it. But you're squinting all day (without sunglasses). Might give you a headache.

2) DD: What's the most embarrassing thing you've ever worn?
Britt: Oh, man. Probably the jeans I used to wear in college. They never fit perfectly. Not the way I wanted.

3) DD: Too big or too tight?
Britt: I could probably fit two of me in some of the jeans I've worn.

4) DD: Recently I interviewed rookie defensive lineman Roy Lopez, also a former wrestler like yourself. He said if the former wrestlers on this Texans team like you, Justin McCray, Maliek Collins, all squared off, he would have no problem. What do you think?
Britt: I'd pin everyone in the first round. I take them down, throw my legs in, half them over. It'd be over.

5) DD: What gives you that confidence?
Britt: I didn't lose. 45-0 my senior year. State champ. All-American. What have you done for me lately? The last time I was on there, I didn't lose. So I'm pretty confident.

6) DD: Did you have to cut weight ever because you were a heavyweight?
Britt: No, I was a heavyweight that weighed 260 in a 285 weight class. So I would show up to the tournaments with a cooler full of snacks, drinks, everything.

7) DD: Did that help demoralize some guys a little bit?
Britt: Maybe. You would see the guys who were trying to make the 135-pound class over there in three layers of clothes, trying to sweat the last pound out, while I'm eating a Swiss roll and drinking a Coke. I definitely had the advantage. I wasn't stressed. I was pretty happy with everything.

8) DD: If you were a WWE-style wrestler, what would your walkup song be?
Britt: I'd probably go with "Zombie" by Bad Wolves. It's a really good song. It was originally done by The Cranberries. It's just got a nice flavor to it.

9) DD: The Rock versus Stone Cold Steve Austin?
Britt: Legendary.

10) DD: Who do you take in that one?
Britt: Stone Cold. They're they're both really good. But I feel like Stone Cold just has that factor, that aggressiveness. They've had some really good match. The People's Champ and then you got Stone Cold 3:16. A guy's guy, chugging the beer. Can't go wrong with either answer, but I guess I'll go with Stone Cold because he's bald, too.

11) DD: What would your outfit be?
Britt: I don't think I would wear a Speedo like they wear. I like the the Stone Cold style. He comes out in the jorts, the jean shorts. I probably do something like that.

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