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12 Questions with QB Davis Mills | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What was your best-ever Halloween costume?
Mills: Either a cowboy when I was really young or when I wore a Batman costume freshman year of high school that was fit for a fifth-grader. I think there was a chest piece that came down, and it was like a crop top. I thought it was the coolest thing at the time.

2) DD: Do you still do Halloween these days?
Mills: We had some stuff at Stanford, but most of the time, you're playing or preparing the night before.

3) DD: What's your favorite holiday?
Mills: Christmas or Fourth of July. There are pros to both, but Christmas always is a really good family time. Fourth of July, I always think of spending the day at the lake back home, just out on the water, hanging out with a bunch of friends and enjoying the holiday.

4) DD: What's your preferred water sport?
Mills: Nothing since I got drafted. But I got into wake surfing and I'm decent at it. I can get up and ride without the rope, but I'm not doing any of the tricks that a lot of the good riders are doing.

5) DD: What would you be doing if you weren't in the NFL?
Mills: Playing basketball or baseball. Those were my three big sports growing up and I chose football. It worked out for me, but if I wasn't in the sports realm entirely, I had an internship in commercial real estate at Stanford that I really enjoyed. I thought it was cool.

6) DD: Who's your favorite all-time basketball player?
Mills: Magic Johnson. I grew up a Michigan State fan because that's where my dad went to undergrad, so I always grew up a Magic fan.

7) DD: Who's your favorite baseball player?
Mills: Chipper Jones or Andruw Jones.

8) DD: What's the most overrated food in the world?
Mills: I don't know. I'm a good fan of a lot of different foods. I've never been a fan of mushrooms, although they've come on to me a little more recently. I've always despised green peas.

9) DD: What's your favorite and least favorite exercise in the weight room?

Mills: Favorite would be some sort of squats. I like working out the legs, and I always try to stay up to date with being as strong as possible as I can on the lower body. Least favorite? Maybe some sort of cardio.

10) DD: Why are all your Instagram posts in black and white?

Mills: I chose to do it starting probably freshman or sophomore year of high school. I'm just stuck with it. I thought it was pretty cool at the time, and now I'm kind of in too deep, and I just got to keep rolling with it.

11) DD: What's the last meal you cooked?

Mills: Cooked a filet with sweet potatoes and asparagus. I actually sous vide the steak and then took it out and seared both sides, and then the sweet potatoes chopped up pretty thin. My girlfriend actually helped with the sides, but it was a dual effort.

12) DD: What's the greatest invention ever?

Mills: Sliced bread.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: What celebrity do you think you resemble most?

Mills: I got a lot of comparisons growing up to Napoleon Dynamite. So, Jon Heder.

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