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12Q w/DT Ross Blacklock | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's on your perfect Thanksgiving plate?
Blacklock: Mac and cheese. Got to have it. Turkey: got to have it. Chicken, just depends, if you don't like turkey. I'm not going to judge. Some form of greens. Yams, and dressing.

2) DD: What about the desserts?
Blacklock: I'm not a big desert guy, but I'd go with some type of pie. Maybe a sweet potato pie or a Key Lime pie.

3) DD: What are some favorite Christmas movies?
Blacklock: 'Home Alone'. It kind of reminds me of myself. I was always a kid doing booby traps in the house on my sisters.

4) DD: Which were the booby traps did we not see in the movie that showed up in the Blacklock household?
Blacklock: The dental floss. I used it as string to tie to stuff. Sometimes my sister would trip over it.

5) DD: What's something you like getting complimented on that's not football related?
Blacklock: My character. That's a big thing for me.

6) DD: What are some of your nicknames?
Blacklock: People call me Rose. I don't expect people to call me that. Right now, here is the first place that people ever called me RB. Big Ross.

7) DD: Who's a teammate that makes you laugh?
Blacklock: Brandon Dunn. He's always saying funny stuff and just keeps everybody in a good mood.

8) DD: Rank the famous people named Ross: Ross Blacklock, Rick Ross, Diana Ross, Bob Ross and Ross from 'Friends'. What's the order?
Blacklock: I'm gonna go with me, Rick Ross, Diana, Ross from 'Friends', and Bob Ross.

9) DD: What's a planet you would visit?
Blacklock: Pluto, just because it's so far away.

10) What's a magical power you wish you had?
Blacklock: Invisibility.

11) What's your favorite TV show?
Blacklock: 'Power'.

12) What non-human from a TV show or a movie would you most like to add to the Houston Texans defense?
Blacklock: 'Superman'.

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