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12Q w/ILB Dylan Cole | Drew's Dozen

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV went 1-on-1 with linebacker Dylan Cole. The two discussed a variety of subjects, and you can listen to the full conversation HERE.

1) DD: What's the most overrated vegetable?
Cole: Brussels sprouts. More or less is because my wife loves Brussels sprouts and she wants to eat them every night and I've gotten sick of them.

2) DD: You're stranded on an island. You have water. You have one meal per day. So you're not going to starve or get dehydration. What other two things are you going to make sure you're going to have with you?
Cole: I'll get in trouble if I don't say my wife, number one. Then two, a dog.

3) DD: Which teammate of yours would do just fine in that scenario, being on an island and only having two things to choose?
Cole: Nick Martin. He's a guy that can just sit in one spot and do nothing for a long period of time and be OK with it. He is definitely okay with doing nothing.

4) DD: Which teammate wouldn't make it in that scenario?
Cole: Got to be Benardrick McKinney. He's kind of he's kind of like me: dependent. He's like the opposite of Nick Martin. He needs a lot of things that keep him busy.

5) DD: What app on your phone would you never, ever delete?
Cole: My bank app. I got a lot of investments in there and I got to make sure I'm up to date on them.

6) DD: Aside from football, at what sport are you great?
Cole: Basketball is my next best. I was a point guard in high school. I was the distributor. I was going to say track and field, but I think I've lost my speed.

7) DD: What was your event in track?
Cole: I was a sprinter and I would do high jump, and long jump every once in a while.

8) DD: What sport AREN'T you good at?
Cole: Oh, golf. I want to be so good at golf, but I'm just not. I have trouble contacting the ball.

9) DD: How often do you use a pen and paper?
Cole: I use it about every day. I take notes in our meetings.

10) DD: How often do you write in cursive?
Cole: Only only my signature, I'm all caps, otherwise. It's easy to read if you're all caps and it's it looks nice to me.

11) DD: What was the first movie that gave you nightmares?
Cole: "It". The original one. I was definitely younger. On VHS, I think. That one gave me nightmares for at least two weeks.

12) DD: You an early bird or a night owl and why?
Cole: Can I be right in between? I like talking in the morning and I don't like being messed with after ten thirty at night.

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