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12Q w/LB Nate Hall | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You just finished up a Friday practice. My first season I worked with the Texans was 2009, and one Friday practice that December, a fullback the Texans had named Vonta Leach went through the entire practice in a Santa Claus outfit. Did anyone go through a practice today in Santa Claus outfit?
Hall: I can't say that anybody did that this year. But we do. We do have some characters on the team, so I could see how that would that would be a possibility.

2) DD: Speaking of these characters, which of your Texans teammates makes you laugh the most?
Hall: Probably Tyrell Adams. He's just he's an interesting character. But the guy who \end up coming to practice in a Santa Claus costume probably would be Jake Martin. He's the most 'out there' as far as what he wears. I'm sure you've seen some of his pregame outfits with the short shorts and cowboy boots and things of that nature.

3 )DD: What are some of your nicknames?
Hall: My most the most popular nickname is "NateHallY'all". I got that nickname in high school. So shoutout De'Nard Pinckney. He was a senior when I was a freshman and I was walking into basketball practice and he just screamed "NateHallY'all" really loud, and everyone like me, and everyone started laughing and it kind of stuck. So that's my handle on most of my social media, my Xbox gamertag. That's probably my most popular nickname.

4) DD: So as a freshman in high school, you were kind of destined to land in Texas eventually?
Hall: Yeah,it's fitting. I was worried when I came down here that it wouldn't hit home as much, just because "y'all" is kind of common down here. But I think everybody on the team still loves the nickname. I still get called NateHallY'all randomly in the locker room.

5) DD: After your 2-sack performance on Thanksgiving Day, what happened when you turned your phone back on?
Hall: I got back to my phone and it was it was mostly people from from back home because we played in Detroit and I'm from Toledo. I don't know how many text messages I had, but I made it a point to it to respond to everybody, because most of the people that hit my phone were people that helped me get there along the way. It was pretty hectic, but it was obviously a great moment for me and my family. So I was happy when I got back to my phone, for sure.

6) DD: You went to Northwestern, and you got a lot of Northwestern love that day when you played great. How special was that?
Hall: Look, I can talk about this for days. I come from a school in Northwestern, obviously, that didn't get a lot of respect even when we were winning 10, 11 games a year. So everybody that comes in the league is still trying to fight for that respect, myself included. It's always great to have those those fans still following us and having our backs in the NFL for sure.

7) DD: With which "The Office" character do you most identify?
Hall: Everybody says Jim, don't they? He's the most normal out of everybody. Like, I'm not that weird, so I don't know if I identify with any of them, I think. But to me, Kevin is the funniest character on the show. He's a very sneaky, funny character, Just kind of in the back of accounting.

8) DD: What would you be doing if you were not in the NFL?
Hall: That's the million dollar question. I did some some pretty hardcore schooling in business. Probably would do something in commercial real estate development.

9) DD: What's a non-football passion of yours?
Hall: The one that shocks people the most: I'm really into motor sports. NASCAR, Formula One. Unfortunately, Formula One didn't come to Austin this year because of Covid-19. But that's one that I want to go to. I'm a Lewis Hamilton fan. A Jimmy Johnson fan, who is arguably the greatest driver of all time in NASCAR. People are always shocked when I say that. But my dad got me into racing and cars going up to Michigan International Speedway when I was a kid.

10) DD: Let's say you're trapped in a room. It's a square room and it's filled with food. You've got to eat your way out. What's the food you're going to choose to eat your way out with?
Hall: Another thing people don't know about me: I am Middle Eastern. I'm Lebanese and Syrian, amongst other things. But I grew up eating that style of food quite often, so I'd have to go with food from that region. Grape leaves, hummus, rice, pita bread and all that stuff.

11) DD: What's the best Christmas present you ever got?
Hall: My parents said I was mature beyond my years, so by the time I got to college, I was like, 'Don't give me anything that's a luxury item. I don't care about that. Just give me practical stuff.' So every year my mom just renews my Costco membership and I'm like, super hype about that. The gas is good. I get groceries in bulk. Little does she know that it means a lot.

12) DD: You got to visit Thailand before the pandemic. How was that?
Hall: It was an incredible experience. The people over there, the locals were so inviting. It's funny because I didn't expect them to be so willing to share their culture. It was just such a warm feeling for them to share their culture and not get frustrated when you do something that's kind of out of their norms. It's a beautiful place. I'll say this, anybody out there, if you think you know what a mango tastes like, you don't until you've gone to Thailand.

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