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12Q w/long snapper Jon Weeks | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Have you ever broken anyone's fingers snapping the football?
Weeks: I have. In high school. I have three broken fingers on my record. I used to throw it a little bit harder when I was a little younger. Sometimes you get an inexperienced guy trying to catch a short snap and we're being told to let it rip.

2) DD: You long snapped in high school, but weren't you a hell of a defensive football player as well?
Weeks: I was defensive lineman of the year in the state of Arizona my senior year. I don't tell a lot of people that. That stays under wraps quite a bit, but I did get to play a lot more football when I was in high school out here in Phoenix. I was a two way player of the year, and I loved every second of it, but I loved being a long snapper.

3) DD: If you could suit up in one game for your high school team right now, what positions would you play, and what would your stat line be?
Weeks: I loved what I played in high school: I was an offensive tackle and a defensive tackle. I don't think I would change that. My stat line on the defensive side of the ball would be scary because I would let myself loose a little bit more. Five sacks, without question. A couple TFL's..

4) DD: But now, you don't just snap it and kind of lay back. You enjoy going down the field and making tackles, right?
Weeks: I try to get down there and mix it up with my guys. But that's why A.J. Moore and Keion Crossen are on the outside. They're a little faster.

5) DD: Have you had a chance to binge watch anything over the last few months?
Weeks: Anything on Disney Plus, because I have a daughter. Currently we are watching 'The Grinch', the animated movie. But I think our favorite movies have been all four 'Toy Story' movies. Disney Plus has been a savior for us.

6) DD: Who's your favorite Toy Story character?
Weeks: I think I'm just going to have to go with a classic: I like Woody. I think he's awesome, super loyal, willing to help his friends at all costs. Good dude.

7) DD: What's story behind your jersey number 46?
Weeks: I was fortunate enough to sign my first NFL contract with the Texans sometime in April. I remember coming in the next day and the old four-six was plastered on my locker. That's it. Nothing special. Nothing exciting. Just walked into my locker one day in awe, and there it was, sitting there staring at me.

8) DD: Had you ever worn the number 46 before?
Weeks: I hadn't. In high school I was 66. In college I was 62. It means the world to me now. But at the time it was assigned to me, it had no significance. The plan is to wear it for another five to eight years, you know, depending on how long they'll keep me around.

9) DD: Let's go back to that day back in April of 2010, when you walked into the locker room. It was a different locker room then than it is now. What was that day like when you saw your number up there?
Weeks: It's hard to put into words. For those who don't know my story, I was out of football for two years and I had almost decided to stop pursuing my dream of football. I had fallen in love with another career. I was very comfortable and happy with what I was doing. But I've always had a great group of friends that kind of just kept nudging me and just saying, like, 'Hey, you never know when your break's gonna come. Let's just snap some more.' So when I walked into that locker room the first time and when I saw that number, it's hard to really put into words how amazing it was to see it. I'm thankful every day for the opportunity that the Texans organization gave me and incredibly thankful to still be doing it and getting to enjoy walking in that locker room every time I do it.

10) DD: You just brought up a really important point: it's very important to appreciate how our friends and our family can nudge us along in the right direction. When you went to the Pro Bowl in Hawaii, you brought a lot of them along. How cool was it to be able to do that?
Weeks: Yeah, that was special for me. Two of the greatest memories I've ever had in the NFL were after two years of being out, that first pre-season game (August of 2010 at Arizona) that happened to be in my hometown of Phoenix. So everyone that did push me got to go to that game and see me suit up in an NFL jersey for the first time. My other favorite personal memory is getting selected to the Pro Bowl and being able to reach out to that inner circle.

11) DD: What's your go to karaoke song?
Weeks: I haven't sung karaoke since college. 'Friends in Low Places' by Garth Brooks.

12) DD: Is that your favorite Garth Brooks song?
Weeks: I mean, what's not a good Garth Brooks song these days? But that brings back a lot of really good fun Baylor memories with me and the guys.

BAKER'S DOZEN) DD: Speaking of 'Friends in Low Places', have you noticed when it gets played at NRG Stadium how much the fans actually get into it?Weeks: Absolutely. If you can't get into that song, something's got to be wrong with you. That's why it's amazing. Now, the only other song that does anything else like that is 'Turn down for What'.

14) DD: What was the last thing that you cooked?
Weeks: Yesterday I made sweet potato fries, peas and bison burgers. It was good.

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