12Q w/S Michael Thomas | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's your favorite thing about your hometown?
Thomas: The culture. There's something about going to different cities, playing out of state, visiting other places, because everybody is always like, 'Man, I could tell a Houston guy either from the way he talks, or the type of music he listens to, the way he carries himself, the way he speaks with everybody else. No matter where you go, people recognize it.

2) DD: Who is your all time favorite Houston Rocket?
Thomas: Growing up it was 'The Franchise', Steve Francis. Him and Cuttino Mobley. Growing up watching him, I'd definitely say that was probably the time where I really was paying attention to the Houston Rockets the most.

3) DD: Who's your favorite non-Rocket Houston athlete of all-time?
Thomas: I'll say Brittney Griner, because she went to Aldine Nimitz with me. She's holding it down with the team in Phoenix. The Mercury. I still remember her in our high school games. We played mostly on the same nights. But she she was big time even in high school. When she would dunk, the whole gym would go crazy.

4) DD: Could you dunk?
Thomas: Oh, yeah, I definitely did in high school. I'm getting a little older now and I can still get up there, but you've got to throw me the 'oop.

5) DD: How old were you when you were first able to dunk?
Thomas: Probably 14.

6) DD: Who's the greatest dunker of all time?
Thomas: Even though he's never entered the contest, it's easy to say LeBron. But the way Vince Carter would light up the gym any time he was coming down the lane, I mean, it's spectacular..

7) DD: What are your what are some of your nicknames?
Thomas: Mike T. Mikey T. MT3. I was a quarterback and wore #3 in high school. Jacob the Juker. I was known for my juke moves in high school.

8) DD: Who is your favorite famous Houstonian of all time?
Thomas: Beyonce, just because she's holding it down, right now. I grew up with three older sisters, Drew, so I've listened to way more Destiny's Child and Beyonce I than I really want to. I definitely know a lot of her songs.

9) DD: Three older sisters: how much older was the oldest and what were the other age differences?
Thomas: The oldest is 11 years older than me. The youngest, she's one year and three months older than me. It was tough growing up, but at the same time I didn't really have to do too much. We're super close. We've got a group text thread and we keep in contact daily

10) DD: Let's rank the famous Thomases and you're included. We've got Michael Thomas. The Big Hurt, Frank Thomas. Dave Thomas, founder of Wendy's. Jonathan Taylor Thomas from 'Home Improvement' and Thomas the Train. What are the rankings?
Thomas: Thomas the Train has impacted so many live young and old, so he probably is number one. Big Hurt, Frank Thomas, I would put him at two. A lot of people have watched Home Improvement, so I'll put JTT at three. Wendy's is a good chain, so I'll put him four. And then some guy that went to Nimitz High School is fifth.

11) DD: If you were not an NFL player, what would you be doing right now?
Thomas: Probably something in business, like commercial real estate. But seriously, I could have minored in acting at Stanford. I had opportunities to act.

12) DD: Did you did you ever act in any plays or anything at Stanford?
Thomas: It's funny, I starred in one play my junior year. It was a dark comedy called 'Killer Joe'.

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