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12Q w/Texans President Jamey Rootes | Drew's Dozen

Texans President Jamey Rootes spoke with Drew Dougherty about a variety of topics. You can listen to their entire conversation below. What follows, is an abbreviated version of their Q&A.

1) DD: What's your favorite movie about North Korea: Team America World Police or The Interview?
Rootes: That's like deciding between ice cream and cookies. They both are amazing. You've stumped me. But I'll go with Team America. My sides hurt from laughing as I watched that.

2) DD: You played soccer in college at Clemson, and won a pair of National titles there. Afterwards, you also coached a little. You had a pretty interesting encounter with 1994 USA Mens' World Cup head coach Bora Milutinovic, right?
Rootes: I was under Jerry Yeagley at Indiana University. I spent two years there with him. I had a brief encounter with Bora when I was getting my coaching certificate. We were doing a demonstration on the field. He put down the ball. He said, 'Can anybody hit this at the top corner?' And I said, 'I can.' Then I hit it, and he goes, 'You have good touch.' He's a legend. He did great things for American soccer around the World Cup.

3) DD: After the Texans win a home game at NRG Stadium, how do you unwind?
Rootes: There's a lot of work that we have to do in terms of recapping what happened at the game off the field, and identifying the ways we can get better. We have this 'Get better' mentality. That's just part of our culture. So it's probably about 5 o'clock or so that I get home and I just go on my back porch, hang out with my family, and I used to watch football with my son. Now I kind of have to do it on my own. He's at TCU now, but that's how I unwind.

4) DD: What's your favorite thing to eat on game day?
Rootes: Ronnie Killens barbecue. Brisket and sausage, some onions, a few pickles and definitely some jalapenos.

5) DD: What songs get you pumped up going into the stadium on gameday?
Rootes: 'For those about to rock' and 'Thunderstruck' by AC/DC. Anything that takes me back to the gameday experience. Those things are just triggers.

6) DD: You're stranded on an island. You're going to have one meal a day and you have an unlimited water supply. What two other things are you going to take with you?Rootes: I'm going to have my iPhone, OK, so that I can keep up with my emails. And I am going to take my TCU hat so that I can think about my son Chris.

7) DD: Let's say you're trapped in the middle of your office at NRG Stadium, it's filled with food, and you've got to eat your way out to get out of your office. What food would you choose?
Rootes: Peanut butter M&M's. I'd eat every single one of them.

8) DD: What what are you going to dress up as for Halloween?
Rootes: I think I'm going to dress up as a middle-aged Dad. I've got the outfit.

9) DD: What actor would play you in a movie?
Rootes: Brad Pitt. But please don't ask (my wife) Melissa. She's not going to say Brad Pitt.

10) DD: What is the last thing that you cooked?
Rootes: A steak on the grill. That's a staple for us, weekly. We try to gather together and sit down and have a long meal together at least one time a week.

11) DD: How do you cook it?
Rootes: Medium. I used to just do it by sight, but Melissa told me, 'You got to put the thermometer in'. I found out that works pretty well. I mean, you get it to the right temperature and every time it comes out, I'm sure that's the way they do it in restaurants.

12) DD: Gas or charcoal?
Rootes: Gas. But when I go to the beach, charcoal.

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