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A Great Opportunity | Vandermeer's View

With the biggest trade in franchise history and one of the biggest transactions in the history of the league behind us, it's time to recognize what is right in the crosshairs for the Houston Texans - dramatic improvement.

As Drew Dougherty points out the Texans have five picks in the Top 80 selections of this year's draft. Never mind how we got here (OK, that's a lot to say. But bear with me) the Texans have their best opportunity since the expansion year to acquire rookie talent.

In 2002, Houston had 13 selections - the number one overall pick and two in each round starting with the 33rd pick. This year they have two in the first, one in the second and two in the third. Plus they have five more after that. This is only the second time in the last five years that Houston has at least a first and second-round pick. Draft weekend is going to be fun.

Obviously, what's most important is picking the right players. Having two selections in the Top 13 means that you'll get outstanding prospects right off the bat. Or, Caserio can elect to trade down and get more selections. It's no guarantee that every pick turns into a productive player but it's a tremendous opportunity to get better.

Here's where I'll come off sounding a bit like a commercial - But wait, there's more!

You have a total of six first rounders in the next three years. plus all your seconds and multiple thirds. It's not just about the 2022 draft. The next three draft weekends are going to feature a whole lot of high-round Houston picks.

Then there's the cap space. Caserio talked about the fact that the Texans have plenty to play with in the next few years. Between free agent possibilities and even trade potential for veterans, based on the volume of picks, the Texans have the chance to acquire proven veteran talent as they see fit.

Despite the record, last year's campaign gave the Texans a good start on this era they're heading into. With new coach Lovie Smith having already been in the building, Caserio getting to work on his second draft, the returning players and the development of Davis Mills, there's a lot to build on.

Next stop is the rest of free agency and the draft. Get ready.

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