DeAndre Hopkins opens up about those upside-down catches

Recently, the NFL promoted kickoff for its 100th season with a clip of DeAndre Hopkins catching passes.

Upside down.

When asked about it after Wednesday's practice, Hopkins smiled.

"No, I don't really do that in real life," Hopkins said. "I don't condone anyone doing that. That's not safe."

It's not the craziest question in the world, considering Hopkins has been heard to catch flies in his bare hands, snag sushi with a pair of chopsticks and make acrobatic catches week after week in games.

The two-time All-Pro caught 115 passes for 1,572 yards and 11 touchdowns without a drop last season.

While he may not be hanging upside down practicing, Hopkins has his own bag of tricks that make hauling those eye-popping catches look unnervingly smooth.

"There's a lot of little things I do at home during the day to work on my hands, my hand strength," Hopkins said. "While I'm driving I do certain things. I can't give it away, but I do a lot of little things because I know someone else is trying to come take my position and trying to come take that title. Making first-team All-Pro is not something that you can do back-to-back if you're just sitting at home chilling."

Hopkins is just one of two wide receivers, along with Randy Moss, to record at least 500 receptions, 7,400 yards and 47 touchdowns through a player's first six seasons in NFL history.

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