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DeMeco Ryans: Texans defensive play-caller still to be determined

DeMeco Ryans is confident whoever calls plays on defense in 2023 is qualified for the task.

He did it the last two seasons as the 49ers Defensive Coordinator and might continue to do so this fall as head coach of the Texans. 

But Ryans and the team hired Matt Burke last week to be the club's defensive coordinator, and Ryans would be just fine with Burke calling plays.

"We're still going through that process right now," Ryans said Wednesday at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis. "Haven't decided that just yet, but Matt is very capable of calling defenses. He's done it before. He's knowledgeable of our scheme and how we want to play. So I'm very confident in Matt calling the plays as well."

Burke spent 2022 in Arizona as the defensive line coach for the Cardinals and has worked in the NFL since 2004. In 2017 and 2018 he was the Miami Dolphins' defensive coordinator. During his media session inside the Indianapolis Convention Center, Ryans further explained why Burke--who he labeled as a "passionate coach and a really great teacher"-- could be the man for the job, if needed.

"Energetic, a very knowledgeable coach," Ryans said. "I'm excited what he can do, what he can bring to our team. I think the guys are going to love him." 

Burke and the rest of the Texans assistant coaches, who were announced on Friday, are in Houston installing their respective schemes and evaluating possible free agent additions.

Ryans, General Manager Nick Caserio and several members of the club's scouting staff will be in Indianapolis throughout this week at the Combine.

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