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Top Deep Slant moments from 2021 | Daily Brew

Houston Texans players shared a lot of funny, quirky and insightful stories every week during the Deep Slant 1-on-1 last season. Here are some of the top Deep Slant moments of the 2021 season.

Roy Lopez revealed his favorite wrestler growing up was The Rock. Lopez, a two-time state wrestling champion in high school, even watched The Rock highlights every day on his TV/VHS combo in his room. Despite being embarrassed at revealing this nugget of his childhood, Lopez soon overcame it all when THE ROCK HIMSELF gave the Texans rookie a shoutout on Twitter.

Born on July 16, 2000, Brevin Jordan was officially the youngest player on the Texans roster last season. We thought it would be funny to show Jordan a series of pictures that someone born in the 00's would not know. Jordan did not disappoint. Not only could he not identify a floppy disc, his wild guess at the AOL Instant Messenger logo made us all feel 20 years older.

Justin Britt told a story of meeting Post Malone during a radio gig in Seattle.

One of the most touching moments was when Jon Greenard talked about his mother, Carmen. Money was tight for their family growing up, but Carmen never let her kids see her struggles.

"We thought we were living lavish," Greenard said.

Terrence Mitchell was living lavishly after he showed some love for his favorite items on the Whataburger menu. After seeing the interview, Whataburger gifted the Texans DB with free fries for a year and Whataburger swag.

Other memorable moments include: Brandin Cooks discussing which musical he would like to be cast in, Nico Collins revealing how much he loves napping, Chris Conley meeting Bob Vila in elementary school and more.

To check out some of these Deep Slant highlights and more, watch here.

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