Vandermeer's View: Coming Soon – New Texans 

I was hoping to write about Texans transactions and acquisitions today, but the NFL has decreed that Club media (which is what this is a part of) can’t confirm signings or trades. Physicals still need to be passed and it's a bit of an issue to fly people around the country right now. We can't announce that they've 'agreed to terms' either.

The weird thing about free agency is that by the time the League year started (Wednesday, 3 p.m. CT), it almost felt like more of an ending than a beginning. With 'legal tampering' launching this past Monday, reports inevitably leaked about player movement. Nothing is official until a contract is executed, and that doesn't happen until you can count all the fingers and toes of the player you're getting.

Whatever happens in the first few days is just the first wave. Often, players a team signs (and THIS team, many times!!) after the initial frenzy turn out to make a huge impact.

I feel like I have to say this every year. Games aren't really won in two days in March. The offseason is long. We still have the Draft and a lot of other moves that can and will be made. In fact, this team has only really grabbed huge free agent headlines three or four times in its history - and things haven't always worked out as planned.

I realize this week was big because of the production of a certain player-in-the-news. There's a lot of emotion involved - I certainly feel it. I'm the announcer, but I'm also a fan of this team and its players who have contributed to so many thrilling Sunday afternoons over the past 18 seasons.

I've also understood that things change in professional sports, and there are numerous factors in players coming in and players moving on. Like many of you, I've felt the feelings about players departing, but I know the organization is always trying to create a long-term winning recipe. I've seen this current coaching regime almost routinely punch playoff tickets and get division titles.

With the new names that are in the mix this week, I have a hard time believing this squad won't somehow have a good chance to do it again, and then some.

We'd love to share more about new acquisitions and players re-signing online and on social media. We have a whole staff of outstanding media pros with gobs of compelling content on new and returning players and we're eager to show it to you. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait.

That doesn't mean we won't be talking about it on Texans All Access, weeknights from 6-7 p.m. CT on Sports Radio 610 and on Texans 360, Saturday night on ABC 13.

Please be safe and do what you can to stay healthy. We love our fans, and I can't wait to sit with you again on Sundays in the fall to take in the action.

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