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1-on-1 with DB Steven Nelson | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Why are you a farmer?
NELSON: It's one of those things that's therapeutic for me. My wife and I pretty much had an idea back when we were in Arizona. We needed some more space. So that's what we did: bought a lot of land north of Houston. We got to start our whole little agriculture, livestock farm. It's real good to get the kids out and just enjoy the outdoors.

2) DD: So what's what's your favorite type of animal to deal with?
NELSON: My goats are pretty cool, man. They're very smart. Some people compare them to dogs. They remember their names, which is pretty cool. But my favorite animal is probably my peacocks.

3) DD: Really? How many do you have?

4) DD: When they peacock out, is it the greatest thing ever?
NELSON: It's the greatest thing. But it also can get a little annoying because they do it at random hours and you never know really why. But they're really good for farming and stuff like that, to keep the snakes away.

5) DD: What's your current superpower?
NELSON: Probably the ability to read people. I don't know what you would call that. What WOULD you call that?

6) DD: What are you reading from me right now?
NELSON: Really cool guy.

7) DD: Thanks! What's the superpower you wish you could have?
NELSON: Probably the ability to breathe underwater.

8) DD: What's your go-to dish to cook?
NELSON: I'm a pasta guy, so an Italian sausage type of dish. Little spices, little herbs from the garden. Little parsley in there, a little bit basil, some red spaghetti sauce.

9) DD: What's the first concert you ever attended?
NELSON: Future and Chris Brown, together. It was crazy down in Las Vegas.

10) DD: You're fast. Let's say you're on the 4X100 meter relay team and it's only Texans. Who are the other three guys on it with you?
NELSON: Got to go with my guy Brandin Cooks. Phillip Dorsett. Been playing against him for a while. The third guy, I'm probably going to go with J.O. (DB Jonathan Owens) He can run a little bit.

11) DD: Which actor would you want to play you in a movie?
NELSON: Idris Elba.

12) DD: You went to College of the Sequoias for junior college. Are sequoias your favorite types of trees?
NELSON: It's a great tree, but I'm kind of into the oaks right now. I got a lot of oaks on my property right now.

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