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11 Questions with RB David Johnson | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You're a triplet. How often do you three keep in touch?
Johnson: Oh, quite often. During the season, it's a lot tougher but in the offseason, a lot more.

2) DD: What are your favorite nicknames?
Johnson: I don't have too many. DJ, is obviously a common one. As an elementary kid, I don't even want to say it, but it was D-Smiles. I smiled a lot. Roadrunner. I was fast. I was pretty fast.

3) DD: How much did you like track and field? More specifically, how much did you like the downtime at track meets?
Johnson: In high school, that was probably the best part of track. You only do four events. That was the best part, just being able to socialize with friends and hanging out. Honestly, 100 meters is like 11 seconds, so you do all that, warming up and stuff for 11 seconds. I loved the 400. Track honestly was one of my favorite sports. Just for that reason, we got to socialize and hang out with friends a lot more.

4) DD: There was always some weird thing going on at a track meet when you're not running, right?
Johnson: Oh yeah, usually someone's eating something weird because that's their superstition.

5) DD: Who's your all-time favorite track athlete?
Johnson: Jeremy Wariner. I was a 400 guy, and I was a kid when he was at his best. The shades and the chain. It was pretty cool.

6) DD: What's a food that is overrated?
Johnson: I'm sure a lot of people are going to hate me for this, but I don't like Mexican food.

7) DD: What's the best meal you are able to cook?
Johnson: I'm a good griller. I can grill burgers; I can grill chicken. I would say it's probably cheating because of the grill I have.

8) DD: It's not cheating if the food tastes good. What's your proudest grilling moment?
Johnson: I smoked my first turkey last Thanksgiving and it was amazing. It took me probably two days. You had to set up, get it marinated and everything. When it was done, oh, I thought I could have been on a chef show. That's how good it was.

9) DD: You have any teammates that are grill masters, too?

Johnson: I haven't heard too many guys. We all mostly talk about going places. We have so many new players, so they all want to see the new restaurants in town. Everyone says how great Texas BBQ is, so I give the recommendations.

10) DD: What's on your perfect BBQ plate?
Johnson: Obviously, ribs. Got to have burnt ends. BBQ beans. Mac and cheese. Coleslaw. Maybe some mashed potatoes.

11) DD: What are you drinking with it?
Johnson: Sprite. Or sweet tea.

The Texans will host the Carolina Panthers on Thursday Night Football. Kickoff is set for 7:20 p.m. CT on NBC, NFL Network and SportsRadio 610. Click here for tickets.

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