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12 Questions with DL Whitney Mercilus | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's the first concert you ever attended?
Mercilus: The first concert I ever saw ever in life wasn't until I got down here. I went to a Drake concert. That was pretty cool.

2) DD: What was the best concert you've been to?
Mercilus: J. Cole. J. Cole definitely was the best.

3) DD: How did your 'In the Kitchen with Whit' come about?
Mercilus: When COVID came around, my foundation really couldn't do much, but I love food. I love to cook. So I tried doing something for the kids, essentially on IG. I made some simple things from a typical pantry? Just took ingredients from there and created some things for children with disabilities. So one thing led to another, and we brought some favorite chefs around the city to cook with us.

4) DD: Is there something you make over and over again when you're cooking at home?
Mercilus: No, not really. I'm not one to repeat dishes. If I've done it, and didn't do it well the first time, then I'll redo it, but to come back to it over and over and over to make sure that it's a go to. No, not really.

5) DD: We did a little research on you. Back in 2007, you were named the Cleveland Plain-Dealer Player of the Week in Akron. You said then that Ted Ginn Jr. was your favorite player. So what was it like when you actually played against him in the NFL?

Mercilus: Oh man, I thought it was like the coolest thing. It was like, 'I can't believe I'm on this stage playing against some of my favorite players like Ted Gin Jr., I remember how fast he was at Ohio State, and that's what I loved.

6) DD: What's your favorite exercise in the weight room and what's your least favorite

Mercilus: Favorite exercise is single-leg squats. Least favorite would have to be incline bench or dumbbell incline bench. I hate that.

7) DD: How come?

Mercilus: My shoulders just aren't strong like they used to be. I could bench heavy on incline. I used to be able to throw up like 315 when I was in college.

8) DD: How come all you guys love squats so much?

Mercilus: You get to make your quads look nice. You've seen some guys throw on the short shorts for practice because of it.

9) DD: What's the greatest invention ever?
Mercilus: AC. (Air conditioning).

10) DD: What's your favorite Halloween candy?
Mercilus: Butterfingers.

11) DD: What's your least favorite?
Mercilus: Either candy corn. Or those little soft, pink peanuts.

12) DD: What's the best Halloween costume you ever wore?
Mercilus: Being Kiss with the linebackers a few years ago.

The Texans will host the Los Angeles Rams in Week 8 and kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets.

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