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12 questions with LB Kamu Grugier-Hill | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's the deal with this picture of you and an octopus?
Grugier-Hill: My brother is a professional spearfisherman for like the last 20 years. Anything in the water, he's getting it all. We'll just be at the beach and he'll just randomly grab an octopus or grab whatever. We'll be at the beach, and he'll be like, 'I'm going to go grab some fish,' and he'll be back in like 30 minutes with all this fish.

2) DD: Not to make this interview about your brother, but I'm very intrigued now. Does he bring his own spear with him?
Grugier-Hill: Oh, yeah. He has it all. It's a whole deal.

3) DD: What sort of damage, if any, could this octopus have done to you?
Grugier-Hill: No, nothing. It just sucks onto your back.

4) DD: Are there ANY sea creatures that scare you?
Grugier-Hill: Not really. It's just a way of life out there.

5) DD: What are your two favorite celebrities who were born on your birthday, which is May 16th?
Grugier-Hill: I actually don't know this. I have no idea. Do you have a list for me?

6) DD: I've got a handful. The lovely Megan Fox. Pierce Brosnan, who used to play James Bond before Daniel Craig did. Janet Jackson, big-time singer. And Danny Trejo, the actor.
Grugier-Hill: Can I pick Megan Fox for both of them?

7) DD: At your alma mater, Eastern Illinois, your picture just went up outside the stadium next to other alumni like Mike Shanahan, Sean Payton, Tony Romo and Jimmy Garoppolo, and some others. What was that like seeing that?
Grugier-Hill: It was really special. I loved my college experience. I loved playing football there. It's all I knew. I was in meetings one day, and I got a text from like three different guys with that picture. It's just a really special moment. I was really honored to have that and be a part of that.

8) DD: What was your first job ever?
Grugier-Hill: My first job ever was actually in college. I was washing cars. I worked there for three days, and I was like, 'Can't do it.' It was rough for me at the time. A month later, I went back to a different place where my friend's dad owned the dealership and washed cars there.

9) DD: If you weren't a football player, what would your career be?
Grugier-Hill: Probably construction or something.

10) DD: You good at building stuff?
Grugier-Hill: Not really.

11) DD: First concert, and best concert. What were they?
Grugier-Hill: My first concert, I've been to Hawaii concerts. There's like people who are Hawaii-famous, and then there's real famous. My first big concert was actually in New England. Beyonce came to Gillette Stadium. That was actually one of the best concerts I've ever been to. Still to this day, and I've been to a lot now.

12) DD: What's your favorite exercise in the weight room and which one do you hate in the weight room?
Grugier-Hill: Straight bench. Bench and arms. I hate squatting.

The Texans will travel to Miami to face the Dolphins (1-7) in Week 9. The next time you can see the Texans at NRG Stadium will be on November 28 as they host the New York Jets in Week 12. Kickoff is set for noon CT. Click here for tickets.

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