12 Questions with LB Neville Hewitt | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: What's it been like working with this group of linebackers?
Hewitt: This is one of the better linebacker groups ever been in a room with. All these guys are talented. Everybody's good. Everybody's getting better and better every day. We're still learning the system and still critiquing a lot of things and we're all getting better.

2) DD: You're one of many new faces on this roster. You talk about learning the system. Texans fans are learning who the players are. Who are you, for those that don't know?
Hewitt: I'm Neville Hewitt. I was born in Maryland, went to high school in Georgia, went to junior college in Georgia, military college, then transferred to Marshall. I work hard and run to the ball. You're going to see my hustle on the field.

*3) DD: Tell me about your Jamaican background. *Hewitt: My mom and dad are Jamaican. Mom was born there. Dad was born there. My mom got here when she was like 16. She was incarcerated when I was in high school and then she was deported. So she's in Jamaica now.

4) DD: You get back there as much as you can, right?
Hewitt: Yeah, I've been about three times this year.

5) DD: What's the most you go in a year?
Hewitt: This year was probably the most I've been back.

6) DD: What's the best part about it?
Hewitt: The food is amazing.

7) DD: What's your 'go-to' Jamaican dish?
Hewitt: I'm gonna go with rice and peas, steamed red snapper and some cabbage.

8) You found any Jamaican spots in Houston?
Hewitt: Not yet. But the food here is amazing. I haven't found one bad restaurant since I've been here.

9) DD: What's your favorite type of restaurant to visit?
Hewitt: Creole, Louisiana-type food. That food is amazing, the way they season everything. That's probably number one right now.

10) DD: What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?
Hewitt: I'm an entrepreneur. So I'm always trying to find different little things to get into. I started a trucking company last year.

11) DD: What other other businesses have you gotten into?
Hewitt: Rental properties, things like that. My brother does videography and stuff like that. Just some little things.

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