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Get to Know WR Isaiah Coulter | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Is 'Big Play Zay' your favorite nickname?
Coulter: Oh yeah, that's probably my favorite one.

2) DD: What are your other nicknames?
Coulter: Zay. In high school they called me Izzo.

3) DD: Who are your football heroes?
Coulter: I'm a big Randy Moss guy. Another guy I liked to watch was Deion Sanders. He was pretty cool. I like a lot of throwback players.

4) DD: How old were you when you started watching the game of football?
Coulter: Probably around seven, eight. So I was pretty young. I've been around football my whole life. My uncle played for the 49ers, so I kind of grew up on that.

5) DD: And your uncle was...?
Coulter: Walter Easley. He played for the 49ers and won a Super Bowl with Joe Montana.

6) DD: So was that your favorite team growing up because your uncle played for them?
Coulter: Yes.

7) DD: What have you gotten better at the most since coming into the NFL?
Coulter: I would say just just getting the plays down. Feeling more comfortable, getting in certain spots, reading the defenses and things like that. Once you get to this level, it's a whole new game. So probably just adjusting to the speed of the game.

8) DD: Who on the squad has helped you out the most as far as getting better?
Coulter: A lot of the older guys. Keke (Coutee), that's my guy. Brandin (Cooks), of course. And 'Dre, Andre Roberts. Probably those three guys the most. I really ask them a lot of questions.

9) DD: Then on the other side of the ball, which DB's have really helped you hone your skills and make you better?
Coulter: I like to talk to Bradley Roby a lot. He's real good at press man coverage. So whenever I get to go against him, I like to give him what I got. Then once once we finish, I go back to the side and ask him what he thought about this and that.

10) DD: You ever catch bricks like Jerry Rice used to? Or tennis balls sometimes coming from a Juggs machine?
Coulter: I catch tennis balls, but not bricks though. I haven't done bricks yet.

11) DD: What's your perfect meal?
Coulter: I'm a big taco guy, so probably just a couple of tacos and a nice lemonade and I'm good to go.

12) DD: So what's the perfect taco?
Coulter: I'm gonna go with ground beef, lettuce, cheese and sour cream.

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