12 Questions with OL Charlie Heck | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: If you're in goal, and Justin Reed is coming at you with the ball on a breakaway, how are you stopping his shot?
Heck: I'm getting as big as I possibly can. Then, I'm honestly taking a guess at which corner he's going.

2) DD: He was pretty good at soccer. You were a soccer player until about midway through high school, right?
Heck: Yeah, I played soccer all the way up until my sophomore year of high school. We won a state championship in Florida. That was kind of my first passion until I was allowed to really start getting into football.

3) DD: Did playing goalie help you out with some of your footwork as an offensive lineman?
Heck: Oh, yeah, absolutely. I think it was huge for me. I was definitely a smaller guy back then. I wasn't this big playing soccer, but it definitely helped being a smaller guy.

4) DD: How small were you really, though?
Heck: I was always tall. Junior year of high school, I was 6-7, but I weighed 195. So 100 pounds less than I am right now.

5) DD: You've had a really good camp. You had a really good end to the season. What's different for you now?
Heck: Getting into those last games at the end of the year, that was big for me because I was able to kind of build confidence going into the offseason. I told myself that I could play in this league, and that was huge for me to do that. I'm just diving into the weight room, getting stronger and carrying that confidence with me in the camp.

6) DD: What did you really have to improve and get better at in that regard?
Heck: I'm a longer guy. I think I can always add more lean mass. When you add lean mass, I just I feel quicker, stronger. Not necessarily gaining that much weight, but gaining better weight, cutting out some baby fluff. Then you just you feel good, you play better.

7) DD: How much more beneficial has it been, being in the building throughout the offseason and then getting OTAs this year, as opposed to what you went through as a rookie?
Heck: It was huge. Being a rookie last year was like nothing I've ever experienced. My first time getting out there was the first training camp practice last year. So this offseason I said, 'I'm going to take full advantage of it.' I was in here as much as I could. Took full advantage of it. It was a new staff coming in. So I wanted to learn the offense, meet the players, and be in here as much as I could.

8) DD: What are your early impressions of offensive line coach James Campen?
Heck: Absolutely been awesome. He's played in this league. He's been a line coach for a long time and he really gets what we're going through out here. It's been interesting to see how he's been working with different players along the way, kind of tweaking different things for them.

9) DD: Let's rank the Charlies: Charlie Heck, Charlie Sheen, Charlie Brown, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Call Sign Charlie from Top Gun.
Heck: Going Charlie Heck, Call Sign, Charlie Brown, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Charlie Sheen.

10) DD: So you're a big Top Gun fan?
Heck: I like Top Gun.

11) DD: So do you play volleyball shirtless with the guys in the sand all the time?
Heck: No, I haven't gotten into that too much.

12) DD: Your perfect meal is...?
Heck: I'm big breakfast guy. Pancakes. Oh yeah. From IHOP.

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