12 Questions with RB Scottie Phillips | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Mark Ingram, one of your teammates, just called you "Scottie Too Hottie", and said we need to let the fans know who you are. So who are you, Scottie Phillips?
Phillips: I mean, I'm no Mark Ingram. I'm a quiet guy. I'm a lead-by-example type of guy. You're not going to see me hooting and hollering like Mark. But he's a good guy to have around and learn from. So I'm just a quiet guy, a hard worker.

2) DD: But you didn't run quietly Saturday night. You got the most action since you were back at Ole Miss, right?
Phillips: Yeah, it was a good feeling. After the game, I wasn't that sore. But it was a good thing to get my feet wet and get a lot of carries. I'm happy about that.

3) DD: Has it been just a matter of needing some time and experience in the system?
Phillips: For me, it was just trusting in the coaching staff and the trainers and stuff. I just trusted them and my time came and I took advantage of it.

4) DD: What have you learned the most about yourself this year?
Phillips: Just how determined I am and my work ethic. I didn't get many opportunities last year. I just kept my head down and kept working.

5) DD: This offensive line seems a little different, doesn't it?
Phillips: Oh, yeah. A lot of new guys. Gritty, nasty, a lot of hard workers. You saw that Saturday.

6) DD: Gritty and nasty could be used to describe you. Most of the yards you got Saturday night came after somebody touched you, right?
Phillips: I'm a hard runner. I've always been that way. I always will be. Nothing's going to change.

7) DD: When you're in an airport or in a mall and you're walking and there's a lot of slow walkers in front of you, do you find yourself acting like a running back and weaving around them?
Phillips: Yeah, definitely. I'm that type of person. I see that with a lot of athletes, always doing motions.

8) DD: So do you get looks from people when you do it?
Phillips: Crazy looks.

9) DD: You're not a slow walker, right?
Phillips: No, never. I'm not a slow walker. I'm not a slow runner. Everything is fast for me.

10) DD: Did you watch the Olympics at all?
Phillips: I watched a little bit because my fiance's a big Simone Biles fan. They're actually pretty good friends.

11) DD: What's your favorite Olympic sport?
Phillips: Probably basketball. I'm a huge basketball fan. I played AAU basketball up until like high school.

12) DD: What position?
Phillips: Point guard. Only position I can play with my height.

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