12Q w/former Texans NT Shaun Cody | Drew's Dozen

1.    DD: How often do you get a pedicure?
Cody: Twice a month, I would say. Once every other week. I wear sandals all the time.

2.    DD: Who is the nastiest offensive lineman you ever had to face in the NFL?
Cody: Larry Allen. A very strong man. I was a rookie playing against the Cowboys. He used to laugh at you

3.    DD: Were you taking classes before the COVID-19 pandemic happened?
Cody: Educational classes? I graduated from USC after my my career with the Texans, but it's been a couple of years. I was actually looking forward to a culinary career recently, looking into dabbling in some chef work. So I was going to sign up at the Institute of Culinary Education in Pasadena and take some classes there. I enjoy cooking, so I thought I'd learn a little bit more about it.

4.    DD: What do you miss the most about Houston, Texas and living here?
Cody: I enjoyed the restaurants there in Houston. Whenever I come back, I'm always very excited to hit my my local joints there.

5.    DD: What are some of your go-to karaoke songs?
Cody: I typically lean on some Red Hot Chili Peppers because Anthony Kiedis is kind of my range. Yeah, that's kind of where I start. I've been known to dabble in Boyz II Men and John Legend. Of course, I could do Frank Sinatra.

6.    DD: Which teammates do you still keep in touch with from the Texans?
Cody: I keep in touch in a great group chat with Brian Cushing. I know he's a strength coach there. He's really strong and buff. Connor Barwin, always. Brooks Reed. Jesse Nading, Tim Bulman, Daryl Sharpton. Oh, the Ninja.

7.    DD: The Ninja! Antonio Smith. What's he doing?
Cody: He's just living the life on that ranch. He sends pictures.

8.    DD: What's your funniest "on the field" Antonio Smith's story?
Cody: Antonio was different. Obviously a gentleman when he got off the field, but on the field, Antonio was a reckless person. He was out there. He would be talking smack with the best of them. I remember the offensive lineman, Richie Incognito. They got into a couple of skirmishes, but just the banter usually back and forth with them was always something I look forward to.

9.    DD: Did you talk much when you're on the field?
Cody: No, no. I just made jokes most the time. I would try to I would try to ease my opponents, let them put their guard down. That's when I would take advantage.

10. DD: Who was your favorite NFL player when you were growing up?
Cody: I wanted to be a tight end in the NFL, like Mark Bavaro, the tight end from the Giants when they won the Super Bowl. I always worked on being a tight end in my living room, catching passes and jumping on the couch.

11. DD: What's the loudest NFL game you remember playing in?
Cody: It was definitely at home in Houston. Maybe that first time we got into the playoffs against the Bengals. The whole week of lead up to it and the city being fired up

12. DD: What was your loudest game in college?
Cody: We had a game against Cal. People remember it. It was against Aaron Rodgers. It was late in the season and it was starting to get serious for the national championship and those things. It was at the Coliseum.

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