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12 Questions with LB Nate Hall | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: Why is your nickname 'NateHallYall'?

Hall: It actually started in high school. I was a freshman and I walked in to the to the gym during a varsity practice and one of the seniors just threw up his hands and yelled "It's NateHallYall!" It kind of stuck and I've been rocking with it ever since. Rolls off the tongue.

2) DD: When we discussed this late last year on Zoom, you told the story much louder, at a much higher octave. We're in person, and many of your teammates and their families are around you. Is that why you're quieter with it?

Hall: Yeah, maybe a little bit. Screaming all day on the field gets my gets my voice a little messed up. I can't get the falsetto right right now.

3) DD: What have you accomplished in camp these first few days?

Hall: Really just learning the defense and starting to compete a little bit more as we get more comfortable with the defense. Taking the time to get in the playbook and learn the new system, so we get comfortable with it and play faster.

4) DD: How much of an adjustment is that, going from the 3-4 to the 4-3 defense as a linebacker?
Hall: I've actually been in the 4-3 my whole life, until I came to Houston. So it's actually a little more comfortable for me. I've been a 4-3 linebacker in high school, college, and then my first two teams in the NFL. I feel like I fit right into the system.

5) DD: So what do you think you're doing better right now as opposed to when the season ended?

Hall: I shed some weight because I knew I was gonna be in a 4-3. So just moving a lot better, faster, more decisively. I'd say that and I'm quicker in zone coverage.

6) DD: You went to Northwestern. Who's your favorite famous Northwestern alum?

Hall: Wow. Some people are going to get mad if I don't say them. Either Greeny (Mike Greenberg) or (Michael) Wilbon. They're both great guys. They're great TV personalities and fun to watch.

7) DD: No Seth Meyers?

Hall: Seth is also a good one. I forgot about him. I'll throw him in there so he doesn't get mad at me either.

8) DD: Let's rank the famous Nates and Nathans: you, Nate Dogg, Nate 'Tiny' Archibald, Nathan Fillion, the actor, and Nathan Lane, the actor.

Hall: To be honest, the only one I'm super familiar with his Nate Dogg. My family called me Nate Dogg my whole life. So he's the one I know most. And R.I.P. He's one that I hold near and dear.

9) DD: So is he one or is he two?

Hall: He's one. I'm two. I got to respect him. Nate Tiny Archibald was a great basketball player will be three and then other two actors.

10) DD: Sunday's your day off. What are you going to do?

Hall: You've got to stay in the playbook for sure. You can't lose that. But definitely it's most important to take time, stay off your feet, get in the training room and make sure that your body's in tip-top shape for that. You don't want to go in feeling already like you've been in pads walking into that. Relax your mind, relax your body, eat some good food, recover, and get ready to go again.

11) DD: What's the most relaxing music you can listen to?

Hall: I'm a big R&B guy, so I usually go to R&B when I want to relax. Dim the lights in my apartment...

12) DD: Light a candle?

Hall: Yeah, light a candle, maybe some some some essential oils in the air.

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