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12Q w/RB Buddy Howell | Drew's Dozen

Drew Dougherty of Texans TV went 1-on-1 with RB Buddy Howell. The two covered a range of topics, and you can hear the entire conversation HERE. Below is a condensed version of their chat.

1) DD: What's it like when you hear head coach Bill O'Brien say you're the leading candidate to be the third running back?
Howell: It's great to hear something like that because it gives you some type of assertion. But I'm really not trying to listen to that. I just try to keep working each and every day. You can hear something like that, but at the same time, I know each and every is working hard to get in that position or get even higher. You've got to earn it every day.

2) DD: How did you spend most of the pandemic when you guys were not together as a team?
Howell: I was training down south with my running back coach from college in Miami. I was still working out each and every day. We were able to be outside. We were able to keep social distance during that time and I was able to stay safe and not get anybody in my family sick. But I was still working out. I was grinding in the heat.

3) DD: How gratifying was it just to be able to get back on the field over the last couple of weeks of practice with your teammates?
Howell: It felt great because when you lose it like that for a little bit and you miss OTAs and stuff like that, it makes you appreciate a little bit more. So it was great just to get back and be around the guys, and get back to the natural routine. I'm grateful to be able to continue to do it each and every day. It just makes you appreciate the game a little bit more when you take a little break away from it.

4) DD: How excited are you about this offense and what its capabilities are?
Howell: I'm just excited that everybody's all in. Everybody seeming to catch on with the offense. Everybody knows their job. I'm just excited to see everything come together. Everybody grinds, everybody works hard and there's nobody that you feel like is slacking back.

5) DD: You've been one of the many reasons and we've been one of the key reasons this special teams unit has been so much better the last two years. What can we expect from the special teams in 2020?
Howell: Every guy goes hard. I love that when guys go out there, they're not going half-speed. Everyone gives 110 percent and we work to compete and we work to be the best. It's fun for us. I expect to be better than we were last year just because you want to climb., We're going to play fast, play relentless and do whatever we got to do to help the team.

6) DD: What's the meal you eat after a Texans win?
Howell: Usually what they have after the game, in stadium. But if I was to go out with the family, Pappadeaux's is a good spot. I like that one.

6) DD: When the cooling off period after the game happens, when you open up your phone, who are you calling first?
Howell: My mom. She's one of the main reason why I do this. She's probably going to call me before I get to call her

8) DD: If you had to quarantine with one teammate, who would you choose to quarantine with?
Howell: Duke (Johnson). He's like my brother. After one season with him, we do the same thing. We play the game, we stay out of the way, we don't really do too much outside stuff. He's funny and he's like my little big brother.

9) DD: So, would you watch. 'The Grinch' every single day, like he does?
Howell: I'm not going to like I probably can't watch 'The Grinch' every day. He can do what he does, and I'll do what I do.

10) DD: What celebrity would you choose to quarantine with?
Howell: Probably like a rapper. Somebody that'll make music. I'm very into music.11

11) DD: Do you play any musical instruments?
Howell: Nah. But they tried to teach me how to play the violin in first grade.

12) DD: Let's rank the buddies. There's you, Buddy Hield, the basketball player. Buddy the Elf, Buddy Holly, the musician, rest in peace and Buddy the dog from the movie 'Air Bud'.
Howell: I'm number one. I'll go with Buddy the dog next because I think we'll get along. I like Buddy Hield. He's a good shooter. But all the Buddy's could be number one. I'm putting the Elf at five, because a lot of people say "I hope you find your dad". They say that Elf thing every time.

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