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Videos - December 2023

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2023-12-01 INSIDE THE ACTION: Houston Texans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars | Week 12
2023-12-01 Thirsty for Week 13 | Texans 360
2023-12-01 C.J. Stroud's gonna do WHAT??!? | Extra Points
2023-12-01 Khalil Davis | My Cause My Cleats
2023-12-03 Highlights: Brevin Jordan's 27-yard catch marks his longest since 2021
2023-12-03 Highlights: Stroud completes pass to Nico Collins for a 52-yard gain
2023-12-03 Highlights: Dameon Pierce's touchdown extends Texans' lead to 9-0 vs. Broncos
2023-12-03 Highlights: Stroud uncorks 59-yard dime to Collins 
2023-12-03 Highlights: Will Anderson Jr. sacks Russell Wilson on Broncos' first play of second half
2023-12-03 Highlights: Stroud dimes up Collins for 39-yard pickup across middle
2023-12-03 Highlights: Derek Stingley intercepts Russell Wilson's pass
2023-12-03 Highlights: Stroud finds Collins for 3-yard touchdown 
2023-12-03 Highlights: Derek Stingley Jr. intercepts Russell Wilson pass AGAIN!
2023-12-03 Highlights: Nico Collins' best plays from 191-yard game | Week 13
2023-12-03 Highlights: C.J. Stroud's best plays from 285-yard game | Week 13
2023-12-03 Full Game Highlights: Broncos vs. Texans | Week 13
2023-12-03 LOCKER ROOM: DeMeco Ryans "Attack the ball, attack the ball, attack the ball"
2023-12-03 Stroud: 'I love my brother to death and I am praying for him and I am here for him no matter what'
2023-12-03 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'Our guys are a resilient group of men'
2023-12-04 Victoria importante contra Denver | Puntos Extra
2023-12-04 Jordan: 'I want to capitalize on the opportunities I get'
2023-12-04 Greenard: 'If we go out and do our jobs, good things happen'
2023-12-04 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'The way we protected the ball was a game changer'
2023-12-04 Jet-Setting | Coffee with Coach
2023-12-05 BMW Telestrator: Brevin Jordan reads the defense and creates huge gain
2023-12-05 BMW Telestrator: Will Anderson Jr. SWARMS and sacks Broncos QB Russell Wilson
2023-12-06 Mic'd Up: Christian Harris | 2023 Week 13
2023-12-06 Desafíos con los Jets | Puntos Extra
2023-12-06 WATCH AGAIN: Will Anderson Jr.'s Mic'd Up vs. Saints
2023-12-06 Brevin Jordan | The Slant
2023-12-06 Stroud: 'That was a goal of mine, to be a Pro Bowler and to be at the top of my game at this point'
2023-12-06 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'It's important for our guys to go out and play great football'
2023-12-07 Jon Weeks | 2023 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee
2023-12-07 CINEMATIC RECAP: Born for this
2023-12-08 Deepi’s farewell, Cashman mic’d up, Laremy Tunsil exclusive | Texans 360
2023-12-08 TRAILER: J.J.'s coming back, Singletary talks, and QB Coach Jerrod Johnson goes deep
2023-12-08 Jon Weeks | 2023 Walter Payton Man of the Year Nominee
2023-12-09 Preparing for the Titans | Texans 360
2023-12-10 What's different this week with Texans offense? | Texans Extra Points
2023-12-10 Higlights: Nico Collins' 13-yard catch and run moves him over 1,000 yards on the season
2023-12-10 Highlights: Sheldon Rankins burns former team on 10-yard sack vs. Zach Wilson
2023-12-10 Highlights: Christian Harris sparks Texans' takeaway after stripping Zach Wilson during scramble
2023-12-10 Highlights: Stroud pinpoints Beck for 26-yard pickup on play directly after Texans' takeaway
2023-12-10 Highlights: Brevin Jordan's 23-yard catch and run gets Texans into red zone vs. Jets
2023-12-10 Highlights: Devin Singletary's touchdown run gets Texans on board vs. Jets on final play of third quarter
2023-12-10 Full Game Highlights: Texans vs. Jets | Week 14
2023-12-10 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We will analyze the film to make sure this doesn't happen again'
2023-12-11 Rankins: 'We just weren't able to get stops when we needed them'
2023-12-11 Woods: 'We have to find ways to pull through at the end'
2023-12-11 Greenard: 'This team is not done yet'
2023-12-11 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We don't deserve to win when we played how we played'
2023-12-11 Bounce Back Week | Coffee with Coach
2023-12-12 My Story, My Game | Xavier Hutchinson
2023-12-12 BMW Telestrator: Texans run game vs. Jets in Week 14
2023-12-12 Caserio on the Tennessee Challenge | Texans Radio 
2023-12-13 Gran batalla en Tennessee | Puntos Extra
2023-12-13 Carlos Rodriguez | Puro Texans
2023-12-13 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'It's comforting to have 3 QBs that can go out there and play'
2023-12-14 Jon Weeks | The Slant
2023-12-15 Mic'd Up: Jonathan Greenard | 2023 Week 14
2023-12-15 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'Everybody needs to prepare as a starter'
2023-12-15 3 Key Texans to Watch at Titans 
2023-12-17 Highlights: Case Keenum slings 20-yard strike to Noah Brown
2023-12-17 Highlights: Keenum connects with Brown on 22-yard pass
2023-12-17 Highlights: Case Keenum fakes handoff throws dart over middle to Brevin Jordan on 14-yard pass
2023-12-17 Highlights: Khalil Davis ambushes Will Levis with big fourth down sack
2023-12-17 Highlights: Devin Singletary muscles his way for 14-yard rush
2023-12-17 Highlights: Fairbairn's 23-yard field goal gets Texans on the board
2023-12-17 Highlights: Steven Nelson intercepts Will Levis' pass 
2023-12-17 Highlights: Texans engulf Will Levis for second fourth-down sack
2023-12-17 Highlights: Ka'imi Fairbairn connects on 53-yard field goal
2023-12-17 Can't Miss Play: Dalton Schultz makes an incredible snatch and grab catch in the red zone!
2023-12-17 Highlights: Noah Brown catches a 3-yard touchdown 
2023-12-17 Highlights: Devin Singletary turns on sport mode for 41-yard catch and run
2023-12-17 Highlights: Ka'imi Fairbairn delivers game-winning 54-yard field goal in overtime
2023-12-17 Full Game Highlights: Texans vs. Titans | Week 15
2023-12-17 Highlights: Devin Singletary's best runs in 170-yard game | Week 15
2023-12-17 Keenum: 'Everybody on this team looks at adversity as opportunity'
2023-12-17 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'Everybody made the plays they were supposed to make'
2023-12-18 Brown: 'We all did individual things to help contribute to the win'
2023-12-18 Collins: 'The focus was us doing our job'
2023-12-18 Schultz: 'It's big when you have a defense you can hang your hat on'
2023-12-18 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We just focus on the moment & helping the team'
2023-12-18 Sizzling into Week 16 | Coffee with Coach
2023-12-19 BMW Telestrator: Texans defense slows down Derrick Henry
2023-12-19 BMW Telestrator: Keenum delivers to Motor under scramble
2023-12-19 Caserio on Cleveland | Texans Radio
2023-12-20 Juego Importante | Puntos Extra
2023-12-20 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'It's been a lot of ups and downs but I'm proud of the way our guys fight'
2023-12-21 CINEMATIC RECAP: Adversity is Opportunity
2023-12-21 Into the Woods | The Slant
2023-12-23 The Secrets to Beating Cleveland
2023-12-23 Yuletide Texans | Texans 360
2023-12-24 Highlights: Devin Singletary bursts into Browns' secondary for 17-yard pickup
2023-12-24 Can't-Miss Play: Dameon Pierce goes 98 YARDS on kickoff return touhdown!
2023-12-24 Highlights: DeAndre Houston-Carson intercepts Joe Flacco's pass
2023-12-24 Highlights: Schultz breaks tackle after one-handed catch for first down
2023-12-24 Highlights: Stingley Jr. ends wild first half with INT 
2023-12-24 Highlights: Collins' seventh TD catch of 2023 comes via Davis Mills' delivery
2023-12-24 Highlights: Davis Mills' connects on two-point-conversion pass to Collins
2023-12-24 Highlights: Texans defy the odds by recovering onside kick vs. Browns
2023-12-24 Highlights: Davis Mills dimes up Xavier Hutchinson for 18-yard pickup
2023-12-24 Keenum: 'To have something on the line in games in December is important'
2023-12-24 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'Proud of Dameon and what he was able to do for us today'
2023-12-26 El desafío segundo con Tennessee | Puntos Extra
2023-12-27 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'This is a huge opportunity for us and we are looking forward to it' 
2023-12-28 Caserio on a Crucial Match-Up | Texans Radio
2023-12-28 Most underrated cartoon 👀 | Brevin and Andrew play Coca-Cola's Classic or Zero
2023-12-28 Beck Banter | The Slant
2023-12-28 Stroud: 'I'm happy to be back and do my job again'
2023-12-29 GOAT TALK | Legendary WR Andre Johnson & Johnathan Joseph talk GOATs on the field and GOATs on the aux
2023-12-29 Introducing the AJ80 Collection, available exclusively at the Team Shop on Dec 31
2023-12-29 Goat Talk and GameDay | Texans 360
2023-12-30 He's back: C.J. Stroud & Texans to tangle with Titans
2023-12-31 Highlights: Strouds connects with Woods on 18-yard pass
2023-12-31 Highlights: Fairbairn's 28-yard field goal opens scoring drive
2023-12-31 Highlights: Stroud lofts pass to Brevin Jordan for 12-yard TD
2023-12-31 Highlights: Sheldon Rankins with first defensive touchdown of 2023!
2023-12-31 Highlights: Fairbairn's 38-yard field goal extends Texans lead to 20-0
2023-12-31 Highlights: Stroud lofts up 21-yard sideline dime to Collins
2023-12-31 Highlights: Will Anderson Jr. gets two sacks in as many plays for total of -17 yards
2023-12-31 Highlights: Stroud darts pass to Woods for an 18-yard gain
2023-12-31 Highlights: Ka'imi Fairbairn's 51-yard FG extends Texans lead to 26-3
2023-12-31 Full Game Highlights: Titans vs. Texans | Week 17
2023-12-31 Anderson Jr: 'It's all about learning how to be a pro'
2023-12-31 Stroud: 'It felt great to be back & I definitely want to keep building from here'
2023-12-31 Head Coach DeMeco Ryans: 'We didn’t come this far just to come this far'