12 Questions with OL Max Scharping | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: You're a Green Bay native. When the Texans play there next Saturday, who from your family will cheer the loudest for you in the stands?
Scharping: My mom. 100 percent.

2) DD: What sort of stuff will she be yelling?
Scharping: God only knows.

3) DD: Is it ever on the verge of being embarrassing?
Scharping: No. I've had it all the way since high school. They used to televise our high school games and my parents always sat in the top row right underneath the press box where they were filming. So all of my extended family, if they watched, could hear my mom and dad screaming.

4) DD: How many people from your family are going to be at this this game?
Scharping: I'm not sure if it will be as big, but I'm quite sure a lot of people will be there. I don't want to give a guesstimate, but it might be pushing 100 again.

5) DD: Football-wise, how are you different as a player right now versus 2020?
Scharping: Every single offseason and training camp, you're trying to work on a couple of things. We had more time in the facility this year. With the new O-line coach coming in, it's just a little bit of change. You kind of look inwards and then outwards to the whole group as well. Coach Campen's doing a great job of just telling us what we should be working on each day and then as a unit, how we can collectively get better every single day.

6) DD: Is it interesting playing for Coach Campen, seeing as how he was the longtime O-line coach of your hometown team growing up?
Scharping: Actually the first time I spoke with him, he brought it up. He was like, 'Oh yeah, which high school did you go to?'

7) DD: Do you really have three puppy dogs?
Scharping: We did recently get three puppy dogs. At home currently there are five dogs at the house.

8) DD: What?
Scharping: My fiancee and I are slowly starting a foundation and a rescue called 'Stay Scharp Rescue'. So look it up. We're huge animal lovers and we've both had dogs our whole life. We were originally just looking for a puppy just to have for ourselves, and we stumbled upon our first puppy. She, along with her six siblings, was found living underneath a house. We ended up fostering three of them and moving them on to different houses. We just kind of kept going from there, just kept on trying to foster and find puppies good houses.

9) DD: Five puppies. Do you sleep at night?
Scharping: Yes, actually, very well. They're very good puppies. We got them crate trained. That was key.

10) DD: Well, Max, we got to get you together with the punter, Cameron Johnston, because he's involved with rescuing dogs.
Scharping: We have talked, actually. We're already in cahoots.

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