12Q w/DE Charles Omenihu | Drew's Dozen

*The article below has portions of the questions-and-answers from the conversation between Drew Dougherty of Texans TV and defensive end Charles Omenihu.

1) DD: What teammate did you lean on the most last year?
Omenihu: Whitney Mercilus.

2) DD: Have you been able to keep in touch much with Mercilus this offseason?
Omenihu: I know he's been doing this thing, Whitney is a face of the team in the city.

3) DD: Who's your favorite retired NFL player?
Omenihu: Deon Sanders. I like the swagger. I like his confidence. The juice that he came on the field with like no other. He was the best player. He won't only tell you that he was the best, he showed it.

4) DD: So let's say this season you pick off a pass, you've got a clear shot at the end zone. There's nobody within 20 yards of you. Are you gonna high-step it in like Deion used to?
Omenihu: No, I am going to punt the ball once I get into the end zone.

5) DD: What was your "Welcome to the NFL" moment last season?
Omenihu: The good or the bad?

6) DD: Let's go with both.
Omenihu: Bad was when I didn't play in the first game that first Monday night football game. When I was inactive for that game was was pretty bad, and wasn't something I was used to. Good was the next game in about two seconds, I got a strip-sack at the start of my pro career. So that was that. Those were my two moments.

7) DD: What's the last thing that you cooked?
Omenihu: Breakfast today. Eggs, bacon and oatmeal.

8) DD: What was your favorite TV show when you were growing up?
Omenihu: "Yu-Gi-Oh!" It's almost like a card game, basically in medieval times, dragons and stuff like that. I was super hooked on it.

9) DD: Rank the "Charles." Charles Omenihu, Slim Charles from "The Wire," Prince Charles, Charles Barkley and Charles in Charge. Who's number one?
Omenihu. I'm number one. And then Slim Charles would be five. Charles Barkley two. Prince Charles is three, and then Charles in Charge is four.

10) DD: Was your first car?
Omenihu: A 2017 Dodge Charger.

11) DD: What was your first job?
Omenihu: The National Football League.

12) DD: Really? You never had a job before this? That's not a bad first gig!
Omenihu: I never had a job before this. It's great when I tell people that. Guys don't believe me. I literally never had a job before.

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