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12Q w/DL Rasheem Green | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: There are four players with the last name "Green" currently on the Texans. Plus, a Greenard. Have you ever been in that highly-concentrated a spot with all these Greens?
GREEN: This is probably the first place I've been where there have been multiple people in my class or on my team named Green. So that's pretty cool.

2) DD: None of you are related. But do you kind of feel like way back, you all have some sort of bond?
GREEN: Maybe. A lot of my family is from the South. 

3) DD: Let's rank some Greens. Rasheem Green, the Green Hornet, 'Green Eggs and Ham', Tom Green, and the color Kelly Green. Where do they rank?
GREEN: 'Green Eggs and Ham' was one of my favorite books growing up. Then I'm gonna say me. Then with the rest, it doesn't really matter.

4) DD: Since arriving in Houston, what's been your favorite thing about the city?
GREEN: How spaced out things are compared to California. I feel like you still get the city, but then you still have a lot of space. It doesn't feel crammed. It's just a nice big area. And the weather's cool.

5) DD: You don't mind driving a little bit?
GREEN: I actually like driving.

6) DD: What are you listening to when you're driving? Or is it silent?
GREEN: I don't drive in silence. I think that is pretty bizarre. If you drive in silence that's pretty weird.

7) DD: But what do you listen to?
GREEN: It depends. In the morning, nothing too crazy. Probably like something from Blxst. He's a singer/rapper out in LA. Michael Jackson. Something a little slower, but something with a nice little vibe.

8) DD: What are three or four of your favorite Michael Jackson songs?
GREEN: 'Rock My World'. 'Remember the Time'. 'Thriller'. 'Human nature'.

9) DD: Who is a teammate that amps you up?
GREEN: Jordan Jenkins. The guy's real cool. He brings it every day. He's real funny, too.

10) DD: Do you have a go-to dish that you cook?
GREEN: Pesto tortellini with some chicken sausage cut up in it, and some vegetables or some fruit.

11) DD: What was your favorite TV show when you were 10 years old?
GREEN: South Park.

12) DD: Who's your favorite South Park character?
GREEN: Cartman.

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