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OL A.J. Cann | Drew's Dozen

1) DD: How's the horseback riding been?
CANN: Good, so far. The first time on it, I wasn't so sure about it. But now, I might have to get my get myself one someday.

2) DD: Really? It was that enjoyable for you?
CANN: Well, more so for my kids, man. My daughter and my son really loved it and I was teasing my wife about it. I'm pretty sure if I get the one, I'm gonna have to be riding it.

3) DD: Which which would you rather be: a bear that gets to hibernate or a caterpillar that turns into a butterfly?
CANN: I probably would like to be a bear that gets to hibernate, man, because they get some good sleep. Being an athlete, you have to get good rest.

4) DD: You grew up in South Carolina, played college ball for the Gamecocks. You spent awhile in Jacksonville with the Jaguars. Now you're here. Those are all hot places. How do you beat the heat?
CANN: Drinking as much as you can. Hydrating. But I guess I'm just kind of used to it now. Been raised in it from South Carolina, drafted to a hot place in Jacksonville. Now I'm continuing my career here in Houston where it's hot. So I would say I'm kind of used to it by now.

5) DD: Would you rather be a superstar comedian or a superstar recording artist?
CANN: Recording artist.

6) DD: Who are some of your favorites?
CANN: Hard to say because I'm more of a song guy. If I hear a song and I like it, I'm gonna listen to it. So I'm not really just stuck on one artist the whole time. If you plug my phone in, you're going to get some rock. You will get some gospel music, some rap music, some R&B. You can get it all.

7) DD: You mix it up. Do you sing along?
CANN: Of course I sing along.

8) DD: What's the latest thing you've sung along to?
CANN: With my daughter, we've been watching 'Sing 2" a lot. My daughter loves the scene when the wolf is flying down and the song 'This Girl is on Fire' is playing. That's been my jam in the car for a while.

9) DD: How terrific are the 'Sing' movies?
CANN: Terrific. I was watching them like every day.

10) DD: Have you played any instruments in your life?
CANN: Back in college, I'd get on the hand drum with the choir.

11) DD: So you're a percussionist?
CANN: That's it. Yeah.

12) DD: What surprises people the most about you?
CANN: I consider myself like a chameleon. Because I'm really an introverted guy.

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