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Coach of the Week. presented by Houston Methodist

Week 1


Jason Glenn, Head Coach of Klein Oak High School Football

"I coach because I truly believe in our philosophy of 'Raising Great Young Men' and we always work to put our student athletes first in every decision we make. It's really a blessing to be able to help mold and guide young people by getting them to buy into something bigger than themselves."

Week 2


Gary Joseph, Head Coach of Katy High School Football

"I coach because as a child, I watched my father coaching and working with young men every day. I saw the positive difference he made in their lives. I watched many of these young men go on to college, become good husbands and good fathers."

Week 3


Keith Cripps, Head Coach of Spring Woods High School Football

"I coach because I believe as an educator in the classroom or on the football field, it is our responsibility to educate kids with the subject material, but also teach them life lessons that will help them handle situations the rest of their lives with a great attitude."

Week 4


Herb Kunz, Head Coach of Bellaire High School Football

"I coach because I was fortunate to be around outstanding high school football coaches who serves as a great example of how influential this profession could be on one's life. We work to instill the values of Class, Character, Teamwork, Work Ethic and Unity."

Week 5


Derwyn Lauderdale, Travis High School Football

"Derwyn Lauderdale epitomized everything you could want in a player, a coach, a colleague, and a friend. Whether you knew him your entire life or just met him recently, the impact that Derwyn had on the people around him can never be overstated. Although our time together on Earth was cut short, I cherish every moment we shared together and look forward to the time when we are reunited in God's house above." - Trey Sissom, Head Coach of Travis High School Football

Week 6


Ramon Chinyoung, Head Coach of Willowridge High School Football

"I wanted to coach to fill the void that I once had growing up without a father. I wanted to coach to positively impact each student-athlete I encountered and equip them with the tools to overcome that same voice that I had."

Week 7


Clifton Terrell, Head Coach of North Forest High School Football

"I coach because I realize how vital our responsibilities are to student-athletes of today. As a coach, it is my responsibility to instill quality values such as loyalty, goal-setting, perseverance and work ethic."

Week 8


Mike Jackson, Head Coach of Grand Oaks High School Football

"I coach because the opportunity to impact young men and help them develop into tomorrow's leaders is a rewarding challenge to me. In addition, I try and extend that mentorship to my assistant coaches and help them grow and develop."

Week 9


Jomaul Mason, Head Coach of Westside High School Football

"I coach to create well-rounded, hard-working, respectful young men and women who are ready to be a productive part of society. I also enjoy helping athletes get opportunities to play at the next level."

Week 10


Jon Kay, Head Coach of North Shore High School Football

"The most rewarding part of coaching is seeing our kids grow up and become successful."